Supernatural Shows Are All The Rage This Fall

TV Networks are all about trends. When reality TV was hot, all of the networks filled their time-slots with reality shows. When ‘Lost’ became the new “big” TV show, the other networks tried to find their own versions of the mysterious serial drama in the hopes of gaining similar ratings. After the success of ‘Heroes,’ which premiered on NBC last fall and quickly became the #1 new show in the ratings, it appears the networks are all trying to jump-aboard the supernatural bandwagon.

Vampires, superheroes and time-travelers clutter the list of new shows set to premiere this fall. All of the networks have added at least one show that involves characters with unusual abilities.

Here’s the list of new shows that have some sort of supernatural element to it.


The Bionic Woman

Anyone who grew up in the late-70’s or early 80’s know all about Jamie Sommers. An accident nearly kills her and to save her life, her body is put back together using high-tech parts that give her super powers.


‘Chuck’ is a dramedy about a 20-something computer nerd who has a secret database downloaded into his brain by the US government. He becomes a government agent for undercover missions of espionage.


A time-travel drama about a San Francisco reporter who travels through time, altering the past and making a mess of the future.


Eli Stone

A lawyer learns that he has prophetic powers and decides to use them for the greater good.

Pushing Daisies

About a guy who can bring pack from the dead just by touching them.



This new series is about a Vampire who works as a private detective. Sounds like ‘Angel.’


New Amsterdam

A NYC homicide detective who is immortal and has been around for centuries. Sounds like ‘Angel’ (if he were in New York).

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

A TV spin-off/prequel/sequel to the Terminator movies. Set in the timeframe between Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator 3, the story centers on Sarah Connor, a woman destined to play a role in the fight against the human race’s extinction.



A tweny-something year-old guy who, after learning that his parents sold his soul to the devil, gets a job working as a bounty hunter for Satan to pay off the debt.

Kelly West
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