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Are We There Yet?, the sitcom based on the 2005 Ice Cube film, has only been airing for 10 episodes on TBS, but it's already on its way toward hitting a major TV milestone. According to Deadline Hollywood, the network is finalizing a deal to pick up 90 more episodes of the show, guaranteeing it that magical 100-episode mark before the first season is even finished.

It's the third time TBS has ordered such a massive pickup but the first time they've done it for a show without Tyler Perry's name on it-- his series House of Payne and Meet the Browns previously got the same treatment. The show will also be shopped around for syndication deals by producers Dembar-Mercury shortly. Terry Crews (also seen in this weekend's The Expendables) and Essence Atkins star as parents raising two kids, and executive producer Ice Cube apparently pops in from time to time as a gruff brother.

As someone well outside the target demographic of an African-American focused, family-friendly sitcom like Are We There Yet?, I won't even speculate about why its hit such a nerve with audiences, though it's worth marveling that House of Payne, Meet the Browns and Are We There Yet? are all succeeding in an era when family-based sitcoms are widely believed to be dying out on network TV. Much as I love you, Modern Family, you no longer get the sole bragging rights here.
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