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Well I have to give Keesha credit. She really put some thought into her nominations. Though she has been floating between alliances since this season of Big Brother started, it seems for now she’s chosen a side, sort of. Tonight we also got to see what had to be the most obnoxious food competition in Big Brother history.

Last week, shortly after her friend Steven was evicted, Keesha won the Head of Household competition, which awarded her the opportunity to nominate two houseguests for eviction this week. She also got a chance to see pictures of her dog and read a letter from her parents. The houseguests spent a fair amount of time visiting with Keesha to feel her out and see who she was targeting. Keesha seemed to have Angie in mind from the beginning but wasn’t sure who to put up against her. Before we get further into that though, let’s talk about the food competition.

This week’s food comp had a sock-hop theme and the house was divided into two teams based on gender. One member of each team would stand on a revolving record and dig into a laundry basket full of socks. They had to call out over the wall to the other participating person to describe a sock so that person could dig through their own basket and find the match. Each side had a different wall with hooks underneath different types of foods (Drinks, Meats, Bread and Cereal, etc). They both had to hang the matching socks under the same category. Once they hung their socks, two more houseguests would step up and have a turn.

If ever there was a competition that would inspire me to hit the mute button, this was it. Renny does not have a good screaming voice and as it took her the longest to find the right socks and figure out which hook to hang them, her turns seemed to involve the most screaming. At one point, when it seemed hopeless that she and Dan would find matching socks, the houseguests told them to just hang any sock they had and skip their turn. Not a bad strategy, though their mismatched socks ended up costing the house wine for the week. On the plus side, no one is on slop this week, though their diet will include beer, pumpernickel bread and pigs feet. Michelle, who is of Portuguese decent and was chatting earlier about her people’s love of pork parts, may just be the only one indulging in that delicacy.

Other filler included April and Ollie chatting up about self-help and using metaphors but let’s get back to the HoH stuff. Renny, whom Keesha trusts and looks to as a friend, urged Keesha to put Libra up. No surprise there as Renny and Libra had a brief screaming match after Libra made a remark about getting stuck with “the two old people” in last week’s food comp. Keesha considered it but right now she has her eye on Angie. She thinks Angie is at least partially to blame for Steven going home.

Other houseguests pushed Keesha to nominate Dan. As Dan isn’t allied with anyone, this also isn’t surprising. But after talking to Dan, she seemed uninterested in targeting him believing him to be good for his word. During a group chat that included Memphis, Keesha brought up the Angie idea. She added that she knows Memphis is tight with her but that she thinks Angie would come after her. Memphis made the wise move to disagree about Angie’s intentions but not push the issue. People don’t seem to be getting rewarded for sticking their neck out for other houseguests.

Jessie, on the other hand, wasn’t as smart with how he handled Keesha when they talked. Rather than hearing her out and offering some suggestions, he kept telling her to put up Libra and Dan and saying it was a no brainer. He was so busy trying to explain what an easy decision this should be for her, that he didn’t even bother to consider that he might be a target. And sure enough, he was.

If I were Head of Household in the Big Brother house, I think there would be two things constantly running through my mind when trying to come up with my picks for nominations. The first would obviously be who the biggest threats to my game were. The other would be an awareness that everyone in the house is probably going to try to get me to put up two people they want to see leave, regardless of whether or not it’s in my best interest. Sounds obvious, I know but HoH’s are constantly getting manipulated by other houseguests and I wouldn’t want to have that happen. I’m thinking that was partially Keesha’s mindset when she made her picks. It seemed like she went out of her way not to target the people the majority of the house seemed to feel were expendable. On the plus side, it makes the game more interesting this way. It’s always fun seeing one of the houseguests defy the majority opinion and go their own route. On the down side, she’ll probably have a few more enemies this week than she would have if she just put up Dan and Libra.

So Angie and Jessie are on the block. Naturally, neither are happy about it but Michelle seems to be taking this as a personal attack on her. We’ll see how the Veto competition goes and whether or not it’s used to remove someone from the block. I like Angie so far and I would like to see her stay, but at the same time, I also find Jessie’s ridiculously inflated ego to be great entertainment and I’m not sure I want that to end just yet.

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