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Most of the house was excited when Renny won Head of Household during last Thursday’s live show. She’s on good terms with just about everyone but she’s especially close to Keesha. Then as the days went by, it seemed people were expressing doubts as to what Renny’s plans were for nominations were and whether or not they were as safe as they thought they were. April knew from the get-go that she was probably going up on the block. Though she did say it was hard to swallow since she’s such a nice person. This after telling Ollie last week that she thinks Keesha hates her because she’s so pretty. Either this girl seriously loves herself or the producers are having a good time making her out to be really conceited.

Tonight’s episode included a food competition in which the house was split in half and competed against one another by eating crickets, pig ears and slop. Personally, I’d probably have an easier time eating pigs ears than bugs. Dan made a little joke by saying grace before devouring his plate of crickets. Cut to Jerry looking disapproving. Everyone else managed to choke down whatever it was they consented to eat. Though it did look like Jerry was going to vomit as he shoved spoonfuls of slop into his mouth, which seemed odd to me considering he’s been on slop for weeks now. As Memphis pointed out, you’d think he’d have no problem eating slop. Jerry’s team lost so it looks like the old guy will have to continue choking down slop for another week.

Those of you who have been watching the live feeds at night have probably gotten more than an eye-full of how things have been going for Ollie and April in the physical department. Tonight we saw a brief discussion between the two regarding just how far they’ve gotten emotionally. When Ollie asks whether April considers him more of a boyfriend or a friend, she eventually admits that he’s like a best friend to her. I’m starting to wonder if Ollie is questioning whether or not the showmance he’s been having with April is worth what it’s costing him in the game. We haven’t really seen much from him in terms of his strategy for winning. Then again, his strategy of not having a strategy has gotten him this far.

For more filler we learned that Ollie has bird-fear. When a crow was lurking up by the wall that surrounds the Big Brother compound, Ollie freaked out, much to everyone’s entertainment. In the diary room he said he thinks his fear comes from “that old Albert Hichock movie.” I don’t have a fear of birds but Hitchcock’s The Birds is enough to give anyone a reason to think a crow might decide to fly down and peck them to death. Other filler included the houseguests throwing around April’s stuffed poodle. The poor thing’s neck was broken by the time the shenanigans had ceased.

Renny wasn’t taking her nominations lightly. While it was clear that April was her primary target, she seemed to want to avoid making enemies out of Ollie and Jerry by putting either of them on the block. So she threw around the idea of putting up one of her friends as a pawn. No one was thrilled with this plan, though it seemed like Renny expected them to consider it reasonable. Memphis put it perfectly, telling her that it’s known in Big Brother history that the pawn always goes home. That may not be entirely true but it has happened a number of times in the past. Enough times that it would be completely foolish of Renny to assume she’d be able to secure the three votes she’d need to keep her Pawn safe. Plus, she’d be running the risk of making an unnecessary enemy with whoever she put up. Memphis even admitted in the DR that had she put him up, he would consider her a target if he managed to make it past Eviction night.

Renny talked to Ollie for a bit and I think this was the first time since the beginning of the series that he’s really talked game with anyone besides April. It feels like he completely forfeited his strategy in that first week when he confessed to April that he had an alliance with Dan and Brian. All of that bottled up game-play seemed to come out when he talked to Renny. He was almost worked up during the chat and basically told her not to let herself get pushed into doing something just to appease the rest of the group.

Ollie and April had talked earlier in the episode about Jerry following them around and April expressed the hope that if she had to go up on the block, that she’d be put up against Jerry. At least then she’d have a chance to convince enough of the house to evict him instead of her. Whatever Ollie said to Renny must have worked because in the end she decided not to put him up against April. April and Jerry were nominated and this Tuesday night we’ll get to see who won the Veto and whether or not they decide to use it.

I have to say, Renny did a good job of considering her options with the nominations this week. Not only would it have been boring for her to just throw Ollie and April on the block without questioning it but it would’ve shown that she doesn’t really have her head in the game or that she’s just blindly following whatever the majority of the house tells her. That was not the case. Renny seems to be aware of mostly everything that’s going on in the house. She sees how Keesha and Memphis are getting closer, and even went as far as to say that Memphis is like a male-April. I’m not sure if I’d go that far, considering I think Memphis is a lot more likable but sure, he’s playing a good game. As for April, I think her days are numbered.

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