TV Recap: Big Brother 8 - Premiere

The train wreck that is the ‘Big Brother’ series premiered its eighth season tonight on CBS. For the first time in two summers, many of us ‘Big Brother’ fanatics will have to go a whole summer without getting to watch Janelle’s methodical grooming ritual each morning. After last season’s “All Stars” household, CBS has refreshed the house with a whole new look and a fresh crop of houseguests, some of whom have already begun to irritate me.

So lets get down to the nitty-gritty:

The House

The house has this whole “Alice in Wonderland” theme going on which is kind of cool. There’s one bedroom with huge beds and another bedroom with a tiny door and short beds. I don’t envy any of the HGs that will have to sleep all curled up on those things. The topiaries outside and within the house are shaped like animals and there’s a ton of light up mirror-looking things on one of the walls. I hope the houseguests know they should be taking mental notes on all of this because its bound to come up in future HoH and Veto competitions.

The Houseguests

Here are some first impressions I got based entirely on what was shown in the first episode:

The house is mostly filled with your standard variety hotties.

Nick is a former pro-football player with rock-hard abs. His hotness rivals Jen’s, though it appears that unlike Jen, Nick is capable of getting a full sentence out without using the word “like” between every word.

Jameka is the token black person in the house; a fact that she made evident by her comments about not being used to being around white people. That aside, she seems like a pretty grounded chick.

I think we were supposed to like Jessica because she was one of the chosen “three” but she started to come across as an idiot pretty much right away. The fact that she’s still holding a grudge over $5 is kind of sad.

At first Joe struck me as the happy-go-lucky gay guy but the second his ex-boyfriend stepped into the room, the claws came out. I think I prefer Dustin, who rather than outing his ex for an incident involving gonorrhea, took the high road by simply declaring Joe as a guy with huge nipples.

Kail won points with me for lying about her professional background but lost a few points for exposing her uber-conservativeness in the diary room. I have nothing against conservatives but homophobia is so last century.

Zach and Mike did nothing to stand out among the group this week but that’s probably a good thing. It’s generally best to lay low at the beginning.

Amber has a lot of hair. I grew up on Long Island in the 80’s. She would’ve fit right in with that curly mop of hers. Overall though, she seems like a likable girl who will probably do well as long as she chooses the right alliance.

Dick – well, the name says it all. So far he does come across as a guy who probably sleeps around and parties a lot. That’s a snap judgment, sure but maybe its because he bears the appearance of an aged rockstar that gives me that impression.

I wish I could give Daniele credit for her tears after learning that her father was in the house but unfortunately, it appears they were genuine. If she were faking, she would’ve had my vote to win this whole thing. I’m not sure the crying little girl act will get her that far though unless she learns how to work it.

I actually like Carol. Her honest remark about Jen’s giant rack made her seem like a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of gal. She’d be smart to get Jessica out of the house as soon as possible.

Eric was smart enough to realize that being HoH the first week is a bad idea. He strikes me as the type of guy who wont want to step on any toes right away. This will serve him well, which is good for us, considering he’s “America’s Player”

The Twists

Twist 1: Six of the houseguests are enemies or rivals. Dick and his daughter Daniele haven’t spoken in over two years. Jessica and Carol had a falling out back in high school which had something to do with $5 (and probably a lot of other stupid high school disputes) and Dustin and Joe are ex-lovers. Joe admitted to turning all of Dustin’s friends against him after they broke up.

Twist 2: Eric is “America’s Player.” He was chosen by Big Brother to do America’s bidding while in the house. We get to vote online (or by texting) for different tasks and if he performs those tasks, he gets money. This could be very interesting, as long as Eric doesn’t get voted out. If he does get voted out, I am assuming Big Brother would choose another America’s Player. This twist could work to Eric’s advantage if America likes him. If not, we have the power to screw up his game, which could be fun.

That about covers the intro for this season of ‘Big Brother.’ Kail won head of household so she will have the power to nominated two people for eviction. Chances are, by nomination night she’s going to be wishing she had fallen off the spinning mushroom.

It seems like this season has the potential to be great. With a house full of unknowns, anything is possible.

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