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After another week of the LNC version 3.0 in power, tonight’s live eviction wasn’t nearly as unpredictable as it has been in previous weeks. America voted for Eric to get Amber nominated and our opinion of the Las Vegas cocktail waitress apparently stayed the same as America’s Player had the simple mission of getting Amber evicted.

Sure, Eric’s AP missions haven’t all been cakewalks but it’s nice to know that with 17 completed missions, he’s currently $30,000 richer than he was prior to entering the house. After Eric decided not to use the Veto earlier this week, Amber and Zach scrambled to secure their own safety. Zach needn’t have bothered, as everyone was pretty content on voting Amber out. He overshot a bit with his strategy to convince both the Donatos as well as Eric and Jessica that he didn’t intend to nominate any of them, should he get HoH this week.

Zach told Dick that he was planning to backdoor Eric. He then told Eric that he intended on targeting Dick and Daniele. Perhaps he underestimated the strength of the LNC 3.0’s alliance because Eric and Dick traded these conversations with one another. Fortunately for Zach, the target on Amber was locked in so much that it didn’t matter that his lies were reveals.

Meanwhile, Amber tried to convince Jessica that Eric was playing her. Feed-watchers saw the entire conversation and many reports actually stated that Amber told Jessica that Eric referred to her (Jessica) as a whore, which she apparently heard about from Jen. No one else (including the entire internet public) seems to recall Eric ever having said any such thing. And Amber considers herself one of the “good people”? Hardly. She told Julie tonight that bad people spread negative energy. I guess she doesn’t consider crying constantly and spreading lies as “negative energy.”

After Jessica’s conversation with Amber and Jameka, Eric did a lot of damage control (and some making out) with Jessica and the two agreed on Amber leaving, despite Jessica’s mild reservations about keeping Zach around.

Amber was evicted by a vote of three to one (Jameka was the only one to vote Zach out).

In terms of the filler for tonight’s episode, we got some clips of Jameka’s church and family as well as a montage of Dick’s disgusting spitting habit (which was still more enjoyable than watching any clip of Amber crying and/or praying, that we’ve ever had to sit through.) Finally, Eric’s two brothers and ex-girlfriend, Cheryl were all interviewed. His brothers were naturally supportive, as was Cheryl. She admitted with a smile and a small laugh that she is a bit jealous of Eric’s relationship with Jessica but she didn’t seem to harbor any ill will towards him. Apparently it’s true that she and Eric are in fact, broken up.

This week’s Head of Household competition was a different kind of endurance comp that what we’re used to seeing. Rather than staying put for an endless amount of time, the houseguests have to transfer cups of tea from a giant teacup over to a big glass sphere. Whoever fills up their sphere and gets the floating ball out will win HoH for the week. I’ll post the winner here if it actually happens tonight. Apparently, all of the back-and-forth transferring will amount to seven miles of walking (or sliding, since Big Brother is squirting baby oil and corn oil all over the floor, making the mission a much slippier task). Who knows how long it will take for one of them to fill up their sphere?

Julie also announced that next Thursday, Janelle will be on the show to host the Veto competition and it will be a double-eviction week. Yay, Janelle! Yay, Double eviction! Yay, Amber’s gone!

Who Do You Hope Wins Head of Household This Week?

Head of Household Update:: Zach is definitely in the lead with the Donatos taking second and third. Eric's sphere has the least amount of tea in it as of 9:55 p.m. EST.

As of 10:30 p.m. EST, Zach is still in the lead but Dick and Daniele are very close behind. Eric's still in last place. They now appear to be using multiple tea cups to transfer the tea.

As of 10:50 p.m. EST, Zach has his sphere almost filled to the top and he's attempted to get his ball out but still needs to add more tea.

10:52 p.m. - Zach got his ball out and won Head of Household.