TV Recap: Entourage - Return Of The King

“Jesus Christ, it is Yom Kippur!” – Mrs. Ari gets the quote of the night for this week’s episode of ‘Entourage,’ titled “Return of the King.” Once again, Vince lost Medellin. Though it wasn’t due to lack of effort on Ari or Amanda’s part. Blame it on fate or God or Yom Kippur if you will. The studio scrapped the project and that’s not all that got scrapped in tonight’s episode.

Drama, Eric, Turtle and Vince spent the morning at the racetracks where Drama took pity on an old racehorse that was related to a horse he once bet on at Belmont years ago. When he learned that the horse might be due for a visit to the glue factory, he decided to buy it. They get the horse back to the house and it proceeds to walk out of the gate and into town. Turtle and Drama find the horse but after receiving a hefty fine, Turtle convinced Drama to get rid of it. Concerned for the horse’s well being, Drama wanted to find a good home for it and decided that Ed Burns’ home was as good as any. Burns was about to reject the “gift” when his daughter spotted it and decided this was her birthday present. So the horse has a new home. Mission accomplished.

Now onto the meat of the episode. It’s Yom Kippur and for the gentiles reading this, that means no food, no cell phones, no business and for some Jews, no driving until sundown. It’s a day of atonement and one of the most important holidays in the Jewish faith. While Ari and his family don’t strike me as the types to go to Temple every week, they take Yom Kippur very seriously – at least, Mrs. Ari does.

At the temple, Ari ran into Nick Rubenstein, one of the producers of Medillin and the two immediately started talking shop. Mrs. Ari and Nick’s mother both reprimand them for this right away and the two end up sneaking out to continue their discussion. Nick says the role for Medellin is officially up for grabs but if they don’t get someone by sundown, the movie is getting scrapped.

After a series of phone calls between Ari (who hid his cell phone from his wife), Vince, Eric and Amanda, everyone is on board with the idea of Vince getting this role. The problem is that Nick pitched the wrong figure to the studio so he and Ari go across to another Temple to find one of the studio heads and see if he’d be ok with Vince making $6 million for the picture instead of three. The studio man is annoyed that they pulled him out of services to discuss money and won’t continue the conversation.

Meanwhile, when Eric and Vince find out that things aren’t set for the project, Eric begins to suspect that Amanda doesn’t have her priorities straight. He thinks she’s stalling on the project so that Vince wont get it because she doesn’t want him to go away for six months to work on the movie. Eric’s paranoia becomes contagious and Vince starts to have doubts about Amanda.

Eric and Vince head over to Ari’s to talk to him. They call Nick and he tells them that the project got scrapped. Ari seems to be on the verge of giving Vince an “I told you so” speech as Eric and Vince are leaving but before he can say it, Vince thanks him for not using this as an opportunity to bag on Amanda. After they leave, both agree that Ari wouldn’t have let this deal fall through.

Vince goes to see Amanda and fire her or end the relationship (probably both). He accuses her of intentionally stalling the deal. We know that wasn’t the case because Amanda did pretty much everything Vince and Eric asked her to. She explains to Vince that it was Nick who messed up the deal. Apparently he went back to the temple where the studio guy was and tried to beg him to agree to sign Vince. The guy was so annoyed that he called Amanda later and told her that he thought Medellin was doomed from the start and he’s done with the project.

Vince feels stupid for the accusations he made on Amanda but before he can charm his way back into her good graces, she tells him its over and walks out.

So Vince is now without an agent once again and without a movie deal. I have to say I’m kind of surprised to see how things turned around on Vince with the Amanda situation. Granted we all knew the relationship wouldn’t go anywhere but I never thought she’d be the one leaving him.

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