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TV Recap: Kid Nation - Bless Us And Keep Us Safe

It’s a chilly morning in Bonanza City, New Mexico and Morgan and Sophia are walking alone to the water pump and Morgan says, “Do you think God put you here for a reason?” Sophia replies that she doesn’t believe that she was there for any particular reason and that she doesn’t believe in god. I guess at fourteen a statement like that isn’t that shocking especially when you are growing up in a world where people kill each other over their religious beliefs. This little conversation set the theme for this week’s episode of Kid Nation. Besides the regular shenanigans going on in Bonanza City the little ones came face to face with their spiritual side.

I wasn’t surprised when the council went to the old chapel and opened up their pioneer helper guide, that it suggested that they hold some kind of religious service for the town. This was defiantly a topic that would pull in some ratings because religion is such a touchy issue. Add that to 40 kids from different back-rounds and producers have created a nice little recipe for some drama. Nice work!

At first I thought it was going to tear the town apart and so did some of the kids. Everyone started to argue about how they weren’t comfortable praying with each other because they didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand other religions. I was a bit shocked because at such young ages I thought they would be more curious about each other’s religious beliefs. But then again being young you are programmed to think and believe what your parents and authority figures have taught you and it is a bit scary to think that other beliefs are as valid as your own.

The council tried to hold a service but to their disappointment nobody decided to participate. They felt as though the residents of Bonanza City were being a bit narrow-minded. In the end Morgan saved the day by holding a night time prayer circle and asked the kids if they would like to participate and some of them did. Good job Morgan. In this situation the kids didn’t feel as threatened and got the chance to experience the slight differences in their practices.

I was really proud of them for coming together and respecting one another. I was surprised however when, after the showdown, they got the choice between a mini golf course for the whole town to play with or a set of religious books to read in their spare time and they chose the books. In my opinion they are taking things a little too seriously. I think its great that they want to learn all these things, but they are only in Bonanza City for another 27 days… couldn’t they do religious research when they’re home. They are kids and a little R & R would be good for them. Maybe I’m wrong… but I’m never wrong.

In any event, at the town council meeting Morgan got the gold star, Cody went home because he missed his girlfriend (and he’s only 9), and Taylor once again got trashed by the town’s people for not being up to par. Taylor is getting a bit ridiculous. I think that’s why next week Kid Nation is leaving religion alone and jumping into the political arena. It seems that the kids will campaign and hold elections for new council members. This might be out last week with Taylor on the board. Thank the 830 million Hindi gods!