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TV Recap: Kid Nation Bonanza City Is Disgusting

The theme of this week’s episode of Kid Nation was Pollution. The environmental pollution caused by garbage and the karmic pollution caused by Taylor. The kids cleaned up the town but taming Taylor has been become increasingly difficult. Last week Taylor was voted off the town council and replaced by Zach and we all felt a sigh of relief as Taylor’s reign came to an end. But sometimes when a leader is over thrown the aftermath is far worse than their evil days in power.

I would think that in all her years of beauty queen training Taylor would have taken losing a bit better. I guess I was wrong. Taylor has taken this loss pretty bad. Not only is she refusing t do any work, but she resorts to crying, screaming and threats of violence. I’m sure that’s not any different than what we would see back stage of the Miss America pageant.

To teach her a lesson and give her opportunities to redeem herself the council gave Taylor some jobs to do. But of course she refused to do any of them. When that didn’t work Zach threatened to withhold her paycheck which just made her cry and threaten to leave.

The negativity spawned by Taylor has gotten the whole town feeling negative. The negativity took its toll on DK who threatened to leave because he couldn’t take all the kids yelling and screaming about Taylor. And he was totally right, why add fuel to her fire. The more they push the more she will resist. So instead of the kids wasting energy in trying to get Taylor to contribute something positive to the community they should just focus on doing positive things for the community. If everyone ignores Taylor sooner or later she will come around. I hope for her sake that she does.

In the end this could potentially have negative effects on her real life. Imagine how this will haunt her into her adult years. I don’t think she will have the opportunity to ever win another pageant. Not after the world has seen her true colors. Society is brutal and often unforgiving and I’m afraid for her.

But I can’t help but think about her parents. Do you think her parents are embarrassed by her behavior? I know I would be. She was obviously raised this way and blame has to fall partially on their shoulders. I just wish Taylor would realize that it takes a lot more energy in being negative and angry than to work harmoniously with others. On a positive note at least we know she is being herself and I gather that’s a bit refreshing.

There are a few more episodes left so let us hope that Taylor takes the initiative to redeem herself. I would hate to see an episode of Where Are They Now in ten years and see that this television show has negatively effected her life. Only time will tell.