TV Recap: The Office - Dunder Mifflin Infinity

We always knew Ryan was kind of a douche but he really outdid himself on tonight’s episode of The Office, titled “Dunder-Mifflin Infinity.” To say that Ryan’s recent promotion has gone to his head (literally) would be a major understatement. Fortunately for us, his huge ego boost has added a whole new level of hilarity to the series and I’m really hoping to see more of Ryan-Infinity in the episodes to come.

“That is what Ryan is like: A fake brother who steals your jeans.” In an effort to upgrade the Scranton branch to the new “Dunder-Mifflin Infinity” plan, Ryan, equipped with a full vocabulary of corporate lingo, a story about meeting Vince Vaughn, a beard and a $200 haircut sauntered into the office ready to turn the place upside down. Poor Ryan probably expected everyone to take him and his man-stubble seriously but this was not to be the case. On arrival he was greeted by an onslaught of noogies, some teasing about his new look and even a reference to the office-fire-incident brought on by an over-cooked cheesy pita (see: “The Fire,” Season 2).

Kelly, who dressed up like she was attending a cotillion, ignored Ryan’s attempts to ignore her, told him she was dating a lot (“black guys, mostly”) and confessed that she was carrying his baby. A minor fib that he eventually found out about but not until after she got him to take her out to dinner. Ryan then tried to get her outsourced to India but failed. Michael seemed just as emotionally affected by Ryan’s presence as Kelly was when he compared Ryan to the exchange-student his parents took in who, when he returned to his home country, took all of Michael’s jeans with him forcing Michael to have to wear shorts all winter.

“I would like to see a website deliver baskets of food to people.” Creed became justifiably paranoid that corporate was going to start weeding out the old people so, after confronting Michael about this, he donned a hair piece and started saying things like “cool beans” and “later skater.” Michael wanting to prove that technology is a bad idea, attempted to win back old clients using “the original instant message – letters attached to baskets of food.” He and Dwight’s attempts failed and due to Michael’s insistence on following the rental car’s GPS instructions, they ended up in Lake Scranton. This one wins the over-the-top (and not really in a good way) award for the episode. Though it was hilarious when Michael swore (and was bleeped out).

“I guess he cant get any girl he wants” With regards to Ryan, out of everyone in the office, Jan and Pam (and Jim, in a way) were the only ones to really manage to get in a few punches. While Pam’s wasn’t really intentional, Jan’s certainly was. She was in the office having lunch with Michael when she ran into Ryan. There was some obvious awkwardness but Jan ignored that long enough to talk down to Ryan (who has her old job). He tried to remind her that she was fired and that he’s got her position but she threw it back at him by pointing out that he doesn’t have her old salary and she topped it off by saying, “Love the beard – keep it forever.”

Meanwhile, after Pam showed Ryan some of her attempts at a new logo, Ryan tried to flirt with her. No. He didn’t flirt with her. He bluntly asked her to dinner, adding “wear something nice.” before Pam had the chance to explain that she’s with Jim now. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the second time Ryan’s gone after Jim’s girl and gotten shot down? Though Ryan told the story differently, we all know what really happened. Jim, who had to sit through Kevin and Andy swooning over Ryan’s awesomeness surely felt vindicated after witnessing Pam reject Ryan.

“We should’ve started dating a long time ago.” When Toby spied Pam planting a kiss on Jim in the break room, he issued a memo warning employees about public displays of affection. At first I thought this was just Toby being Mr. H.R. Man but then I remembered that the mumbling divorcee has always had a thing for Pam! Even when Pam and Jim admitted to everyone that they were dating, Toby refused to take it seriously. He wouldn’t even let them sign a the infamous love-form, telling them that they should just wait and see how things go. Poor Toby.

“Cauliflower and noodles. Baked potato on the side” Angela just cant get over what Dwight did to Sprinkles. Let this be a lesson to all you guys out there – never kill a woman’s cat. So while PB&J’s love is thriving, Angela and Dwight are kaput. She dumped him over noodles and Dwight did not take it well. He spent his entire adventure with Michael trying not to cry and treating the ex-clients as though they were the one to crush his heart.

Boy, these supersized episodes sure are full of drama! I have to say though, while last week’s episode was funny, I felt it lacked the usual rhythm of the show. I’m pleased to say that based on tonight’s episode, it looks like the season is getting back on track! More Ryan-Infinity please!

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