TV Recap: Ugly Betty - A Mother Of A Problem

This week’s Ugly Betty not only gave me a new crush, it also renewed one that had long been lost. All these New Yorkers need is love, crunchy corny love: love for a dying partner, love for a new one, love for their work. Yup, the show with lots of heart got a little more and really, I was only left with one question: when will those damn braces come off, already?

Betty’s relationship with Matt is going so well, he’s even told his mother all about her. And, somehow, he was eating breakfast at her house with her family. Are you telling me he came all the way to Queens to eat breakfast with the Suarez’s? I think some one’s sneaking out an upstairs window in time to eat with the fam. Either way, they’re going strong and everyone loves him, and his money. Everyone in the Suarez family also loves Councilman Archie Rodriguez (Ralph Macchio), who comes in every week to get his haircut by Hilda. There might be a little something there but it’s as of now not reciprocated. The Suarez family, naturally, can’t keep their noses out of it and try to talk Hilda into a date but it doesn’t work, she’s just not interested.

Want to know some one who’s not only interested but completely lost in love? Our boy Daniel. He definitely thinks Molly is the “one” and will do anything to keep her around a little longer. She, though, refuses the treatment and tells Daniel she just wants to live while she has the chance. While it takes Daniel a little longer to agree, after talking to Betty, he decides to give her what she wants. Molly has also had an enormous impact on Mode. Since finding out about the cancer, Daniel has been more lenient at Mode. Basically, he doesn’t feel like fighting with Wilhelmina anymore.

That is really good news for Willie. She’s turned to selling off all of her gorgeous jewelry and those fur coats, which is causing quite the ruckus in the fashion world. Gossip is swirling around New York that Willie can’t even afford her daily champagne and caviar. Seriously. It’s been turned into seltzer water and almonds. So drab, I’m sure. She’s so depressed she leaves work early, but after the aforementioned confession from Daniel, nothing seems so important anymore. Well, she still is digging deep for her caviar and champagne. She has worked damn hard for what she has, after all.

Some one not working so hard is Betty. She’s too busy being dreamy over Matt. Okay, so she hasn’t been putting off her work, but she is floating on a little Matt-filled cloud. She even gets to see his family’s house (he’s been staying there while his apartment is being remodeled). It turns out to be quite an interesting day when she picks him up and instead of finding him, she finds his mother, Victoria Hartley (Christine Baranski).

Not the nicest woman in the world, she was a tad shocked when she found out Betty wasn’t a maid but was dating her son. Betty wasn’t thrown, though. She even got Matt to invite her to his mother’s upcoming party. Betty, of course, turned to the only rich mother she knows, Claire, who told her not to worry about the dinner but to find out the topic. Apparently, there’s a discussion topic at each of these things. Through a little digging, they find out the topic is torture and Betty is set. She’s excited and Justin even helps her get ready. Oh, by the way, while she’s at her swanky party, the Suarez’s are hosting a little party themselves. They’ve invited Archie over for dinner in a not so secret mission to set him up with Hilda.

At the party, Victoria is not so pleasant to Betty, even though when she changed the topic to opera, Betty started an entire discussion (thanks to a little help from Matt) that left the party a buzz. Nothing seemed to penetrate Victoria. She corners Betty and says she’s an ambitious girl but she’ll never be good enough for Matt. Nice. Betty’s getting ready to leave when Matt finds her and instead of siding with his Mom, he, naturally, chooses Betty. He actually tells his mother he’s leaving with her. He’s too cute. Back at the Suarez house, Hilda is slowly loosening up to Archie and at the end of the evening, she even says she’ll go out with him. Imagine, Hilda is a semi-drama free relationship. Of course, she’ll have to deal with her stupid father making comments about Archie being “royalty” and what-not but whatever. Stupid Ignacio, how ignorant can you get.

So, Betty gets her guy. She even tells off Victoria when she runs into her on the street, not in mean way but more in a “I’m might be around for a while” way. Archie gets his girl. Wilhelmina gets her magazine and Molly gets her life. Hugs all around this week. But seriously, Betty’s waist is as small as Amanda’s and she still has braces. It’s been three years and she has perfectly straight teeth. What the ef? There are plenty of people still awkward and dorky without braces and believe me, as immature as Betty is, she’ll be one of them.