TV Recap: Ugly Betty - Sugar Daddy

This week’s episode of Ugly Betty was full of heartfelt findings. Daniel, Amanda, and Betty all come to terms with relationships in their lives and Ignacio saves his house…kind of.

The Suarez family has been renting their house for 25 years. No, seriously, 25 years. Now, though, the owner is having some financial difficulties and is selling the house to his son who is turning it into a recording studio. The only way they can stay in the house is if they make an offer to match the son’s. Easier said than done. Turns out that together, they have only saved $6000 and they need $15,000 for the down payment. I’m not even going to talk about how Ignacio first says he won’t accept money from Hilda and Betty. I mean, he’s like 80 years old and he has hardly any savings? Maybe it’s because he’s only worked at a fast food restaurant since we met him four years ago. Whatever. Eventually he says he lets them pitch in (which is where the $6000 comes from).

Still, they need $10000 more to cover the costs of their loan and they’re trying everything. Hilda raises her rates at the salon. Justin panhandles and Betty asks Marc and Amanda for her security deposit, which they don’t have. Out of luck everywhere else, stupid Ignacio decides to take on a TV Chef. If you win, you get $10,000! It’s perfect. Everyone jump around the house. Don’t think about the fact that you might lose. Nope, just hop around like complete morons. Do I sound bitter? Just wait.

Meanwhile, Mode is having money troubles of its own. Since Daniel and Wilhelmina don’t have any solutions, Claire offers one. She says there is a meeting to discuss a government bailout for print media in New York and the two editors should attend. Of course, they can’t show up in a limo wearing their perfect outfits so they take the bus. Really, they take the bus. It is highlarious. Daniel doesn’t want to hold the bar even though he has on gloves. They arrive at the meeting and the panel actually agrees to consider bailing them out.

They go out to dinner to celebrate and commiserate in their misery over their failed relationships. This calls for lots of wine and so it keeps flowing. The problem with wine is it makes you not notice camera flashes. At the follow-up bailout meeting, the head of the committee pulls out the paper which shows a smiling Daniel and Willie drinking a $400 bottle of wine. Oh yeah, they’re not getting the money. There’s only one thing left to do. Daniel tells Claire and Wilhelmina he’s going to liquidate his assets and put all the money into Meade. Willie, being concerned for the company and showing her softer side, commits to the same thing. We’ll see how Meade does but I have a feeling it’ll work out.

Back at the Suarez house, Ignacio faces off with the TV Chef and, big surprise here, loses. The family screams rip-off but the judges just smile and walk away. Then, the next day, a check for $10,000 lands on the doorstep. It’s a cashier’s check so there’s no addressee. It must be Daniel right? He says no so who does that leave? Well, Betty has been getting closer to adorkable Matt, but he doesn’t have any money. He barely even pays for the dates they go out because he's always "forgetting his wallet". Oh yeah, Betty and Matt are totally dating now. Yay. Out at dinner one night, Betty notices how Matt signs his name and it looks oddly familiar. Kind of like the signature on the anonymous check. Hmmm. Betty wastes no time in confronting Matt and he admits he gave her the money. I guess Matt is somewhat of a trust fund baby and so he has money kind of lying around. Betty walks out, though, without the check, which doesn’t sit well with the most annoying family in Queens.

Another family having a tough time is Amanda’s. Her adopted parents have been trying to get in touch with her for months but she ignores them every time. She still hasn’t forgiven them for not telling her Faye is her real mother. After a talk with Christina, though, she has a change of heart. Don’t worry, they aren’t friends now or anything. Christina was watching the baby for Willie and Marc needed it because he told a cute dad he was a dad, too. When the guy showed up without the baby, Marc passed it off to Amanda. She took it to Christina, who had a few words about how the real mother is the one who raises you. That sets Amanda thinking and she calls her mother. Such a nice ending for our little Amanda.

It’s a nice ending for everyone in Suarez-land. The TV Chef shows up to admit the show was rigged and offer Ignacio a job. First, though, he wants the mole recipe Ignacio used. Of course, he wouldn’t just give the recipe away…but he would sell it for say, $10,000. The family gets to save their house and Ignacio gets a job. Wow, I’m really glad now that Betty came home to help out her stupid dad because he’s soooo weak he can work in a restaurant. Okay, now I’m really bitter. Seriously, couldn’t they just have kept the family as background characters? I need to calm down a little so let me leave you with this sweet little move…

Daniel tells Betty, again, that he loves Molly and feels like a coward for leaving her alone (as she wanted) after finding out she has cancer. Betty tells her to suck it up and go get her, like she did with Matt after the whole check debacle). Daniel finds her and tells her he’s not letting her go and there’s nothing she can do about it. What’s a girl to do but fall into his arms? Told you it was sweet.