Taye Diggs Takes A Role In The Good Wife's Sixth Season

The fall TV season is closer than it seems. Evidence of that broke this morning when The Good Wife announced a big casting development for Season 6. According to the network, charismatic actor Taye Diggs is joining the acclaimed drama, signing on for a multi-episode arc. CBS broke the news Monday morning, but those familiar with The Good Wife and its casting processes should expect a slew of more names to pop up on the list in the coming months.

In a press release this morning, the network stated that Diggs would be joining the series playing Dean Levine-Wilkins, a partner (that I guess we’ve just never seen onscreen) at Lockhart/Gardner who decides to follow Christine to Alicia and Cary’s rival firm. Diggs confirmed the news via Twitter on Monday, also noting his excitement for the new project in the short post.

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Taye Diggs’ casting is notable for two reasons. First, Christine was still not officially a part of the Florrick/Agos team at the end of the Season 5 finale and if Diggs’ character follows her to the firm it means she is definitely and officially joining. Secondly, the show has been working with different male actors to fill the slot left by Will Gardner since Josh Charles left the series in a shocking exit this past spring. Matthew Goode played a major role in the series at the end of Season 5 and now it looks like Diggs will also play a handsome and intelligent lawyer during Season 6.

This doesn’t mean that Diggs will eventually be joining the series in a larger capacity. The man already has a pretty sweet gig going over at TNT, where he stars in the new crime drama Murder in the First. The summer airdates of Murder in the First likely allow the actor to take on a multi-episode role on The Good Wife next season rather than a guest role. However, it's tough to say whether or not the show has Diggs in mind as a replacement for Will or for a one-off role--especially if Murder in the First gets a second season. Never say never, however. Last season, Goode’s role was extended after his chemistry with Alicia worked out.

What we do know for sure is that The Good Wife has managed to put together a striking cast year in and year out. There’s not reason to expect the show to be any different going into next year. John Noble, Matthew Perry and many, many more prominent actors have popped up in the series in the past, and Season 6 will likely be just as impressive. We’ll keep you updated as Season 6 moves forward over at CBS.

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