Terry O’Quinn has sort of been wafting from project to project ever since ABC’s Lost ended its epic run in 2010. The following year, O’Quinn nabbed a pilot, Hallelujah, which never went to series. Instead, O’Quinn spent this TV season as a recurring character on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, which is certainly not a bad way for the actor to spend his time… it just isn’t the same as having a regular role in a series. Luckily, this is an issue ABC would like to remedy.

O’Quinn has signed on to return to ABC for a drama pilot. This drama will actually contain some of the mysterious elements that were so key to Lost. However, in the new show, titled 666 Park Avenue, the mysterious elements will actually be due to supernatural entities wreaking havoc in an old apartment building in Manhattan. While the pilot will focus on a young couple who move into the Manhattan lodging to manage it, Deadline is reporting O’Quinn’s character, Gavin, will actually own the sinister building.

So, the title’s a little campy, likely due to the source material, a soapy adult novel about love, drama, and witchcraft by Gabriella Pierce. If we know one thing, people have been excited about supernatural soaps for a while, with True Blood making waves over at HBO and ABC itself feeding audiences fodder like Once Upon A Time. Fringe co-executive producer David Wilcox is on board to write the pilot, and if he can handle the supernatural stuff in the right manner, silly title or no, 666 Park Avenue might actually make it to series. I hope so, because I for one would really like to see O’Quinn dig into a meaty role, again.

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