That Time Anthony Anderson Farted Mid-Take On Law & Order

We’ve all done it. Held and held and held a fart, to varying degrees of success. However, most of us haven’t let out the fart in the middle of the taping of a show as prominent as Law & Order. Anthony Anderson, however, has done just that and he let his co-star Jeremy Sisto take the blame for his actions. He recently shared the story on Late Night with Seth Meyers, revealing that he totally riled up his costar S. Epatha Merkerson during the farting incident and even stayed quiet when she called out the entire room on the rank smell. Here’s what he had to say:

It was Epatha Merkerson, myself and Jeremy Sisto in a scene. I dunno what I had for lunch that day but I had the bubble guts. I was holding it in during this entire 5 minute scene… and as I left the room I left something in the room. And Jeremy Sisto was coming in to do his part of the scene. You could see S. Epatha Merkerson and you could see it, it just started to burn. She was like, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute, CUT! Which one of y’all motherfuckers farted? That is some nasty shit.’

Celebrities, they’re just like us.

Anthony Anderson said he continued walking out of the room as Merkerson was giving her little rant and totally let Jeremy Sisto take the blame for the devious act. The actor went on to apologize to S. Epatha Merkerson but also to Jeremy Sisto, who he absolutely wronged years and years ago when Law & Order was still filming. And while the above quote is great, Anderson is a pretty animated storyteller. You should totally check out his version of the events as they transpired, below.

This story could have ended on a sourer note if Jeremy Sisto hadn’t been such a champ. The actor totally took the blame rather than trying to pin it on one of the cameramen or Anthony Anderson himself when the scene was disrupted. Then the farting incident was put to rest, at least before last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers brought the incident into the limelight one again.

Now, I just wish we knew which episode the three stars were filming when this momentous event went down. Similar to Alison Brie’s recent peeing story regarding the set of Mad Men, S Epatha Merkerson was clearly uncomfortable filming the scene and I wonder if her disgust at Anderson’s rank fart is clearly visible. Maybe the show used a different cut. Probably we’ll never know. All in all, though, I’m happy Anthony Anderson decided to clear the air even if he waited years to do so.

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