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We’re always talking about what moments from The Walking Dead that we liked the most, but what about the moments that the stars themselves enjoyed more than others? Actress Melissa McBride, who plays the ever-badass Carol, recently shared her favorite zombie kills.
One of them was in season 4 where Carol goes down to the bridge outside of the fence at the prison to get the gunk out of the hose. And Rick sees her down there and is of course calling her — ‘Carol!’ If he hadn’t called her, do you think the walkers would have noticed? Anyway, so the walkers come and she’s got to kill them and she runs up to the fence and kills one with the hacksaw. And it gets stuck in its head. That was a really fun one to shoot.

The scene McBride is talking about right there (from the episode “Isolation”) ended on a pretty important moment for Carol as a character, in that it’s when she reveals that she’s the one that killed Karen and David in the prison after they got the sickness, which kind of kicks off a series of Carol killings that get her into trouble with the group. It was also the rare moment when Rick outwardly criticized Carol for her actions, including trying to clear a hose outside the fence amid all the walkers.

But the importance of the scene isn’t what McBride is thinking about here. She’s thinking about putting a hacksaw into a walker’s head – well, into an extra or stunt guy’s head, but you know what I mean – and that was as awesome and gross as it gets.

Interestingly enough, Melissa McBride’s other favorite walker kill was another big moment for the character. Here’s what else she told EW.
The other one was Terminus. And that was just to obliterate a bunch of them with an explosion and that was a lot of fun.

Here, she’s referring to the Season 5 premiere “No Sanctuary,” in which the gut-covered Carol blows up a propane tank and sends walkers flying all around in flames, not only allowing her entrance to the cannibal compound but also saving the lives of Glenn and others who are seconds away from being murdered. This remains one of my favorite stunts on the show, as the explosion itself is just chock full of bodies. Check it out below.

A character that has been deemed unkillable by Robert Kirkman, even though she’d already nearly been killed off in Season 3, Carol will be around The Walking Dead for a long time, which will undoubtedly lead to some upcoming walker kills that could top these. And maybe even a human kill or two is on the way. We’ll see.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.