Toy Story That Time Forgot Christmas Special Set For 2014 Holiday Season

Disney Pixar proved they can deliver a quality Toy Story offshoot for television with Toy Story of Terror. Not only did the special perform well in the ratings, but it also succeeded in measuring up to the incredibly high standards set by the Toy Story films. So it’s great news to hear that ABC is set to air a Toy Story Christmas special called Toy Story That Time Forgot. The network announced some details today, including that it will air during the holiday season later this year, and that the story will center on Toy Story 3 newcomer Trixie the tech-savvy triceratops.

You have to figure that after Christmas is probably the most unpredictable time for a toy, what with the introduction of so many new and exciting toys entering their world, for better or worse. In the case of the Toy Story toys, Toy Story that Time Forgot has them wandering into uncharted territory when they encounter a group of really cool but "dangerously delusional" action figures during a post-Christmas play date. It's on Trixie the triceratops to save the day.

Trying to remember Trixie? She as introduced in Toy Story 3, as one of Bonnie's toys. She helps Woody figure out how to get back to the day care center. Here's a video that showcase the character, who's voiced by Kristen Schaal:

There are two reasons Toy Story of Terror worked out so well. The first was that the all-star cast of voice stars returned to their roles. There was no imitation-Woody and not-quite-Buzz. These characters were genuine Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. The same for Wallace Shawn, Timothy Dalton, Don Rickles, Joan Cusack and others. You just can't replace those voices and not expect people to notice. The same most definitely applies to Kristen Schaal, whose adorable voice is one of her most distinctive qualities. It's also a big part of what makes Trixie so memorable as a character. So it's great to hear Schaal is back for Toy Story That Time Forgot. This special also adds Kevin McKidd to the mix, as he's set to play the role of Reptillus Maximus. That name sounds like of dinosaur-ish, which could make him a good match for Trixie. But will he be a friend or a foe?

The other reason Toy Story of Terror worked out so well is because Pixar delivered a Toy Story-level story, shrunk down to fit into the space of a half hour on ABC. You can't imitate a good story any more than you can imitate the right voices. The special felt true to the source material. Hopefully the same will apply to Toy Story That Time Forgot. Disney Pixar's set the bar high for itself, particularly with the Toy Story franchise, but I'm optimistic they'll hit this one out of the park.

Kelly West
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