Much of what we've seen from the upcoming Season 6 of True Blood indicates that things have never been more divided between the vampire community and the humans. And never is that more apparent than in the latest teaser for the HBO series, which features Arliss Howard's character Governor Creighton Burrell as he makes his beliefs and intentions clear. "We have to take our streets back." That means shutting down all vampire-run businesses. "Buy a gun," he tells the people. "Stock up on wooden bullets. This is still America. You have a right to defend yourselves and the people you love."

In between Burrell's chilling speech that essentially declares war on vampires, we see the mayhem that's playing out among the humans and vampires, and the words "No one lives forever," which we've seen before. The message indicates that this may be a season of big loss, particularly in the vampire camp, since there the ones who think they live forever… unless their heart comes into contact with one of those wooden bullets the governor mentioned.

The latest teaser follows the recently released poster, and a host of new images. And if you haven't seen it yet, there's an older trailer, which gives us some clues as to what the characters are up to, including Jason, who seems to be of the same mindset as the governor, and Sookie, who's once again caught in between this whole mess.

True Blood returns for Season 6 on Sunday, June 16. And you can get caught up on the first five seasons of the series via HBO Go.

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