After numerous clips and teasers, we now get our first big look at the upcoming sixth season of True Blood. Tensions have always been high between vampires and humans, but it looks like things are getting even more explosive as the series resumes and this war begins to spin out of control. Given where last season left off, with the sanguinista blowing up Tru Blood factories and Bill resurrecting as some blood-covered mega-vampire, higher stakes seem inevitable. As the trailer says, "no one lives forever." Vampires may have the best chance at eternal life, but even they have their vulnerabilities.

What did we learn from the trailer? Bill is on the loose and possibly coming for Eric and Sookie. He also might think he's God. The state of Louisiana just declared war on the vampires. "It's time for humans to bite back." Jason's obviously still anti-vampire. "Events have been set in motion. It is the beginning of the end." It's looking like humans have the upper hand on vampires, but perhaps Bill will turn the tables in the vampires favor? "They're going to do to us what they're doing to the vampires? There won't be a pack." Are the werewolves debating over which side to choose in this fight?

It also looks like Sookie's working on channeling her ball-of-light powers. There was a quick glimpse of her doing something with some floating light.

The above trailer follows numerous behind-the-scenes glimpses of the series, one of which focused on Alcide dealing with his pack, and another on Eric trying to get information. The series returns to HBO for Season 6 on June 16.

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