Twin Peaks Just Recast A Major Role

One of the recent reboots that has garnered the most excitement has been Twin Peaks. Not much is yet known about the plot of the return to Twin Peaks, Washington, and folks have had to make do with casting announcements to whet their appetites for more Peaks. Sadly, the latest official casting announcement answers not just a question of who might be present in the Showtime series, but also who will not. Actor Michael Ontkean will not be reprising his role as Sheriff Harry S. Truman. The good sheriff will not be entirely absent, however, as Twin Peaks will be recasting the part.

The silver lining of the news that Michael Ontkean will not be returning is that the good sheriff will still be a presence on the show. The latest rumors on the Twin Peaks front hint that Heroes veteran Robert Forster will be filling in for Ontkean. It has not been confirmed that Forster is joining the project or whether the sheriff character will in fact be that of Sheriff Truman or another new lawman, but news of the recast at least indicates that Twin Peaks knows what worked the first time around.

Ontkean’s decision not to return to the franchise is not based on any disapproval of the project, according to TVLine, but rather from a desire to remain in retirement from showbiz. The news that Ontkean will not be part of Twin Peaks this time around came as something of a shock for fans who have been keeping up with news of the revival, as previous reports had indicated that Ontkean was likely up for a comeback.

It's difficult to begrudge the man for wanting to stay in retirement. Still, Sheriff Harry Truman was one of the most endearing characters of the original run, serving as both ally and foil to FBI Agent Dale Cooper in efforts to solve the mystery of the murder of Laura Palmer.

If Robert Forster does indeed join the cast of the revival, he won’t exactly be surrounded by amateurs. Already confirmed to be taking part are Peter Sarsgaard of The Killing fame, Robert Knepper of Prison Break, Balthazar Getty of Brothers and Sisters, and Amanda Seyfried of Big Love and Veronica Mars.

Despite the fact that filming of the revival is already underway in Washington state, the only actor from Twin Peaks’ first run officially announced to be taking part is Kyle MacLachlan in the role of Agent Cooper himself, which is good news for diehard Peaks fans as well as for the mysterious Diane, who has undoubtedly been pining for new dictograph material since the series went of the air in 1991.

Twin Peaks will return to the airwaves on Showtime in Summer of 2017.

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