Twin Peaks Will Tell Us Where The Characters Have Been For 25 Years

Ever since Showtime announced it would be returning to Twin Peaks, the show’s co-creator, Mark Frost, has been incredibly excited about the prospect. He’s given interviews teasing the new series. This week, Flatiron Books, a small arm of Macmillan that publishes just a couple of titles each month, announced that Frost will create a Twin Peaks book for fans before it returns to the small screen.

Frost is writing the book, which is rolling with the title The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks. The new book will give insight into the small Washington town that featured numerous mysteries, criminals and supernatural creatures in the early nineties. The ABC drama was eventually canceled after Season 2, leaving numerous plotlines up in the air. With the series coming back in 2016 and featuring updates on some of the characters, many fans would likely love to understand what the Twin Peaks characters have been up to for 25 years and who they have become. Luckily, the new book will go into detail about the lives of our favorite characters and more.

According to THR, the book will look more into the Laura Palmer mystery that kicked off the series 25 years ago. Additionally, it is set to explain exactly what happened to characters like Big Ed, Agent Dale Cooper, Lucy Moran, Ben Horne and more after the curtain officially closed on the ABC drama. The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks is scheduled to be released toward the end of 2015.

For a long time following the cancellation of Twin Peaks, the show was not expected to be resurrected. However, the series has remained popular via subsequent DVD and Blu-ray releases. Because of the popularity of the show, the wheels began turning concerning a possible resurrection of the series and towards the beginning of the month, both Mark Frost and David Lynch tweeted about the possibility. A short time later, Showtime announced the series will definitely be coming back, although new episodes are not expected to hit the schedule until 2016.

We know that Twin Peaks will focus on all of the storylines the show has brought into the fold until now. We also know that a few different actors are eyeing a return, including Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Ontkean, who played the two men spearheading the Laura Palmer investigation at the start of the series. With a release date that is so far in the future, a lot of the details have yet to be worked out, but hopefully Frost’s new book will give fans even more insight before the new show begins airing.

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