It’s always nice to see a great actor join a great TV show. Such is the case for The Big C, which will feature a guest appearance by Victor Garber in its upcoming third season on Showtime.

Known to many for playing Sydney Bristow’s sometimes scary, mostly awesome dad Jack Bristow on Alias, among a host of other roles, the ultra-talented Garber’s more recent appearances include Showtime’s Web Therapy, as well as the voicing the part of Charlie in the short-lived ABC reboot of Charlie’s Angels. According to the Hollywood Reporter, we can expect to see Garber in the third season premiere of The Big C, which is set to premiere on Showtime on April 8th.

(Spoiler alert!)

The Reporter didn’t have a lot of details on Garber’s character, other than to say...
Details on the character are not particularly generous, but he'll be some sort of foil for Sean (John Benjamin Hickey) when an accidental phone call "leads to a harassing situation."

The Big C is a dramedy that star Laura Linney as a woman/wife/mother who is fighting cancer while the people closest to her are also trying to cope with her illness.

The Reporter goes on to state that The Big C showrunner Darlene Hunt says Season 3 picks up three weeks after the marathon scene, which closed out Season 2 with a giant cliffhanger. Is Paul (Cathy’s husband, played by Oliver Platt) alive? It was implied that he was at death’s door at the end of the second season, having suffered a heart attack and appearing among the deceased characters at the end of the marathon finish line. Darlene Hunt wouldn’t say either way if Paul survives, but it’s likely we’ll find out when the show picks up. In the meantime, Garber is just one more reason to look forward to the series’ return.

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