Wait, The Flash Is Bringing Back Killer Frost And Reverb?

Spoilers below for anyone not caught up with The Flash.

Like its predecessor Arrow, The Flash has never been hesitant to kill off its characters only to bring them back again. But the Scarlet Speedster’s drama is a lot more inventive with how these characters return, using not a resurrection pit but a variety of multiple timelines, separate dimensions and even the personification of the Speed Force. And next week’s episode will apparently bring back the deceased Earth-2 doppelgänger villains Killer Frost and Reverb. See for yourself.


What the what? Seriously, the last episode not only featured Barry’s mother (sort of), but it also brought back Girder in a zombified form, so it’s kind of surprising to see two more dead characters back in the land of the living only a week later. You’ll recall that Reverb was murdered by Zoom in “Welcome to Earth-2,” the same episode he was introduced in, and Killer Frost was also a victim of Zoom in “Back to Normal.” Not that I’m complaining about any of this, since more Killer Frost and Reverb can’t be a bad thing.

There are several ways for the dastardly duo’s appearance to make sense in “Invincible,” and this first one is the most likely. You notice how they’re with guest star Katie Cassidy as Earth-2’s Black Siren? There’s a pretty good chance the image above (and the one below) were taken from scenes that took place in in the past before they died, possibly as a way of giving Black Siren a brief backstory. That would be a great and sensible way to get more material out of these characters that were gone entirely too soon. And if Cassidy is playing the exact opposite of her now-deceased Arrow character Laurel Lance, that should make for a particularly appealing trio.

Another way for Killer Frost and Reverb to come back would involve a rise from the dead in some way, or having their scenes take place on another of Earth-2’s timelines. Neither of those is very strong in theory, unless there was a metahuman in Zoom’s army who could go Lazarus on people, and they just happened to have both of those corpses nearby. Given the next episode will be a full-on attack on Central City, I don’t see any more complicated timeline digressions happening so close to the end of the season anyway. It could also be Cisco and Caitlin disguised as their doubles, but that has its own set of problems.

Check out how freaked out Killer Frost looks here, as if she could see the state that my hair is in as I’m speculating her presence in the episode.


However it’s all explained, I’m confident the reasoning will be worth the effort to watch Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes going rogue again. Here’s hoping their input isn’t limited to just a brief opening scene, and that they’ll be back in Season 3. With just two episodes left to go in Season 2, The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW.

Nick Venable
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