The Flash Just Revealed Zoom's Awesome Plan To Destroy Central City

Spoilers for The Flash are below.

Last week, viewers watched Barry get blasted into the nethers by a successful-I-guess recreation of the particle accelerator explosion that first gave him his powers. “The Runaway Dinosaur” saw him talking to sorta-physical versions of the Speed Force in his emotional effort to regain his speed, but the episode’s most pulse-pounding moment had nothing to do with Barry…yet. Just before the credits, Zoom’s frustration with his captive Caitlin was followed by the reveal that his master plan’s next step involves a small army of supervillains heading to Barry’s world to tear Central City apart. Things are going to get ridiculously destructive soon, and it should make for some excellent action sequences in the last two episodes.

Zoom didn’t get much to do in “The Runaway Dinosaur,” as is often the case, but now he’s got all the power and the numbers are on his side, so he can finally just get berserk with it for what could be the end of his time on the show. And it’s a long time coming for Zoom to attack Barry in such a way, as opposed to dishing out just one metahuman at a time. Tactics like that have plagued action movies for decades, so power to The Flash for evolving that approach by having this as Zoom’s endgame. There have been multiple villains and heroes at play on this show before, but nothing as massive as this.

Here was Zoom’s speech for that most dastardly assembly. Not exactly Shakespeare or Hans Gruber, but it works.

My brothers and sisters, my friends, I’ve brought us to this new world which lay before us. Defenseless. Ours for the taking. The humans think that this planet belongs to them. Whose world is this?!?

Which is when the swarm of bad guys is shown, with a little over 40 characters in total being shown onscreen, and almost all of them just begged to have an episode’s worth of exposition available to viewers at the touch of a button. Maybe some will live on to see Season 3 and beyond.

One particular villain caught my eye, as I believe it to be the second cameo from actor Jason Mewes, whose inclusion here came along with Kevin Smith as director of the episode. Mewes appeared earlier when Zombie Girder destroyed his character’s car, and Smith had previously talked about Mewes having a dream realized by getting to play a villain in a comic book property, regardless of having to wear a mask and not having any dialogue. Here’s my guess for Meta-Jay.


Not that a villainous Jason Mewes will be the most dangerous member of this crew. Somebody has fire. Somebody looks like he came from a little theater production of Clue. Somebody else looks like a Hellraiser villain. I’m sure some of them are recognizable and I’m just clueless at the moment, but it looks like a fun bunch. Not a crowd I’d want to party with every weekend, but maybe three or four times a year. No parties are coming for Barry and Team Flash, though. It’s all temporarily downhill for those guys.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW. Head to the next page to see just how bad things get for Central City in a trailer for next week’s episode, “Invincible.”

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