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Wait, Is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Using The Same Dog As 30 Rock?


Netflix’s latest comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the silliest and most bizarre comedies out there right now, sharing sensibilities and timing with 30 Rock, which makes sense since Tina Fey and Robert Carlock are the brains behind both. But the shows have more in common than just writers, as the dog used for both of Jane Krakowski’s characters is actually the same lil’ cutie pie.

Seen in the image above is Krakowski’s wealthy dimbulb Jacqueline Voorhees holding her dog Abattoir, whose anus is purely decoration and whose water dish is filled with lemon water. Thanks to Fusion, we now know that this is in fact the same dog that Krakowski’s aloof actress Jenna Maroney was holding in the 30 Rock finale when she walked into the Los Angeles airport, where beautiful people flowed like hot lava. Here’s the far less pampered version of the dog.


Jenna handed the dog off to someone else while in the airport before heading right back to New York, but it’s entirely possible that, now lonely, the dog ran all the way across the country in order to find her, getting confused when he/she came across Jaqueline. It’s not as if one character is a lot more sensible than the other, although Jacqueline is quicker to worry about people other than herself for at least five minutes out of her day.

The similarities don’t end there, either. Both shows also feature a cat-calling construction worker, and both are played by actor Mike Carlsen. This isn’t a sign that the series take place in the same universe or anything, but it’s still an interesting connection that’s worth whistling like a wolf over.


What’s that? You want one more weird connection, but don’t want it to have anything to do with 30 Rock? We’ve got you covered. You know that bit from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt opening title sequence where the girl is hula-hooping?


You might have noticed that it’s the exact same girl from the opening sequence of FX’s cold war drama The Americans. Does that mean that Kimmy, Philip and Elizabeth are all connected? Sadly, no. According to Slate, the Bob Bardel-created video is on Getty for public use. Are there any other pop culture connections that you can find in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

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