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The Walking Dead Just Got The Star Wars Treatment, Because The Internet

For every mega-popular movie or TV show that exists, there are dozens (if not hundreds and thousands) of fan creations showing reverence for the projects. And then sometimes the world lucks out and two mega-popular pieces of pop culture are melded together for crossovers that are hilarious, genius and all-around spectacular. That’s what’s happening now on Twitter, as the worlds of The Walking Dead and Star Wars: The Force Awakens have collided for the hashtag #TWDStarWars, and it is arguably funnier than either The Walking Dead or Star Wars.

For a hashtag that hasn’t been active for very long, there are a bunch of great posts on there, combining the worlds of Lucasfilm and Robert Kirkman. Let’s kick things off with something classy and well put-together: the Force Awakens poster with Walking Dead characters of all seasons inserted.

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That’s just excellence, although Rick should be holding a blaster instead of his normal gun. Still, that’s forgiven due to Negan being there on the side.

Now for the inevitable GIF, of which there are a few. There’s no better character to get the lightsaber treatment than Michonne, who seems like the most Jedi of the bunch anyway.

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No reason to be done with Michonne, either. A lot of the images seen on the hashtag are Photoshopped images, but you can also find plenty of original artwork. The one below spoke to me, although I’m admittedly not sure who originally put this image to paper.

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While you're perusing, you're also going to see a lot of people who changed up the title and the logo for both Walking Dead and Star Wars. One particularly good one was "The Skywalking Dead," because that makes quite a bit of sense. But the one below took the cake for me, and I fricking hate the Ewoks.

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And finally, we get a little social dig on The Walking Dead using Star Wars' Jedi apparitions. If you've ever thought to yourself or agreed with something online about why the post-apocalyptic show manages to kill off its major black characters so quickly, this tweet is for you.

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That shouldn't be funny, but it is, dammit.

Feel free to find more tweets that meet your fancy, and don't forget (as if it's possible) that Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens this weekend, and The Walking Dead will return to AMC on Sunday, February 14.

Nick Venable

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