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The Walking Dead Renewed For Season 4, Showrunner Glen Mazzara Steps Down

After a strong first-half of Season 3 of The Walking Dead, the good news is, not only will the AMC drama be returning next year for the second half of its third season, but it will also be back for a fourth season. Unfortunately, it looks like the show is going to facing another showrunner change-up as Glen Mazzara is stepping down after Season 3.

Deadline posted the brief announcement today, which first states that AMC is picking up The Walking Dead for Season 4. Given the substantial ratings for the popular zombie drama based on Robert Kirkman's comics, this news isn't especially surprising. And after Frank Darabont stepped down as showrunner last year, I suppose we shouldn't be especially shocked that it's happening again. From the sound of it, the agreement for Mazzara to part ways with the series was mutual. Here's the joint statement from AMC and Glen Mazzara that was posted today:

Today, AMC announces the season 4 pick-up of The Walking Dead.AMC also jointly announces with Glen Mazzara today that for future seasons, the two parties have mutually decided to part ways. Glen guided the series creatively for seasons 2 and 3. AMC is grateful for his hard work. We are both proud of our shared success.Both parties acknowledge that there is a difference of opinion about where the show should go moving forward, and conclude that it is best to part ways. This decision is amicable and Glen will remain on for post-production on season 3B as showrunner and executive producer.

With its typically vague and polite wording, it's hard to know what's really going on here apart from the fact that the network and Mazzara weren't seeing eye to eye as far as the direction of the series. Mazzara will stick around for the rest of the third season after which, someone else will step up to run the show. And by the phrase "party ways," I'm taking it that he's leaving completely after Season 3.

We'll keep you posted if and when we hear any news on Mazzara's replacement, as well as his future projects beyond TWD. In the meantime, The Walking Dead will return with new episodes on Sunday, February 10. Catch the preview for Season 3.5 here.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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