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All the joy of knowing that The Walking Dead is returning to AMC for Season 6 later this year is balanced by the agony of having to wait months before we find out anything major about where the plot will be going. Luckily, the cast and crew got together for a new video that supports some of our suspicions about what might happen to Morgan now that he’s back with the group. And it doesn’t sound good. (Spoilers ahead.)

The last time Rick and Morgan saw each other, Morgan was half-crazy following the death of his son, rattling off at the mouth about people wearing dead people’s skin. And Rick was the guy (somewhat) calmly talking him back down to reality. Their reunion in the Season 5 finale completely turned the tables, with Morgan now a stoic zen master and Rick covered in walker guts and murdering a man in cold blood. The question is whether or not they can find a way to meet in an agreeable middle - presumably after Rick takes a shower - or if Rick’s “kill or be killed” attitude will push Morgan away. Because it doesn’t seem like there’s a third option for these two.

We’re not sure exactly what happened with Morgan in his recent past, only that he was led by a mystery person down a more mentally stable path. It’s an approach that’s kept him alive, though, and the same can’t quite be said for members of Rick’s group or the Alexandria citizens. We’ve said goodbye to a slew of characters in Season 5, and even though Morgan was Rick’s first acquaintance in the post-apocalyptic world, a lot has changed, and we all know what Rick does to people who try to stray from his ideals.

Here’s how actor Andrew Lincoln put it in the video.
What I’m excited about is potentially a reunion between those two great men and great friends, but also splintering ideologies. It seems like this is a man that is about peace now, and Rick is the polar opposite. So I think that that’s gonna cause a lot of conflict and confusion.

Even though he’s only speaking conjecture, I love that he says “a lot of,” because even actor Lennie James isn’t quite aware how long Morgan will be around in Season 6, saying previously that he’s definitely in the first episode, but that the rest is up in the air. Barely anybody completely gets along with Rick, so a calm mind like Morgan’s will presumably try to find a way to make it work for the long haul. But if he can’t, then he’d do better walking back out through the gate than sticking around Alexandria. You never know what might happen, but I know I don't want to mourn Morgan's death after all this time waiting to see him on a regular basis again.

Check out the full video below.

The Walking Dead will be back for a loud and scary Season 6 on AMC at some point this fall.

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