The Walking Dead Season 7 Has Started Casting

The Walking Dead always has game-changing season finales, and the last episode of Season 6 ended on such a cliffhanger that a month and a half hasn't been quite enough time for everybody to recover just yet. The cast and crew, however, are already back at work for Season 7. The show is already looking to cast for the third episode of the seventh season, and the role may turn out to be a big one for the lucky actor who lands the part.

Thanks to a casting notice from TWDZone, we have some major details about a new character to appear early in Season 7. The physical description indicates that the actor will be in his 30s to early 40s. He can be of any ethnicity, and experience with horseback riding may work in his favor. The role will be recurring for at least three episodes at this point.


The character is set to be a rugged survivor who has no patience for bullshit, which makes sense for a man who has survived as long as he has in the zombie apocalypse. Due to losses over the years since the fall of civilization, he holds others as well as himself to a very high standard for survival. He should fit in with the other characters of The Walking Dead by virtue of the fact that he blames himself for the losses of loved ones. His determination not to lose any more people he cares about will likely make him either a very good ally to Rick and Co. or a big thorn in their side as they try to deal with life in Negan's domain.

There are no major figures who go by “Rogers” in the Walking Dead comics, so either this Rogers will be an original character for the show or a comic character whose identity the show is trying to obscure for the time being. AMC has been cracking down on spoilers recently, and The Walking Dead has already used fake names for casting purposes, so we can’t say for sure at this point if Rogers will have an identity adapted from the comic source material.

We already know that the world of our merry band of survivors is going to get bigger in Season 7. Now that Negan is on the scene as a character rather than a rumor, we can expect more interaction between the Alexandrians and the Saviors. The comic character Ezekiel looks to be on the way – possibly with his tiger Shiva in tow – to bring the Kingdom settlement into play. It’s entirely possible that Rogers will be a part of Ezekiel’s kingdom.

Unfortunately for lovers of spoilers, we may not get too much more information about this “Rogers” until he makes his debut in Season 7. The show has been actively working to prevent leaks now that the seventh season is in production. To see what has actually been revealed, check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Season 7. For a look at what you can watch on primetime over hiatus, see our summer TV premiere schedule.

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