Watch Allison Janney Make Out With James Corden At The Critics' Choice Awards

It’s a great year to be Mom star Allison Janney and late night host James Corden. Both of these talented entertainers have seen their careers reach apexes of sorts, but it all goes downhill after their amazing onstage team-up at tonight’s Critics’ Choice TV Awards. If you thought only the acceptance speeches themselves were the most fun parts of an awards show, check out Janney’s pre-speech appreciation in the clip below, starting at the 2:10 mark.

Was anybody else hooting and hollering along with me while watching? There’s something so gloriously excellent about seeing the classy Janney shock the shit out of Corden, who clearly thought he was going to get a big hug from one of his favorite actresses. But no, she brought out the big guns and proceeded to make out with him for a few seconds while holding her award against his side. Everyone celebrates in different ways.

Remember that disastrous surprise smooch sesh between Madonna and Drake at Coachella earlier this year? This is like the ultimate opposite of that.


Ever the comedian, Corden takes full advantage of the moment and steps away from the scene in a slightly awkward manner, as if he were trying to hide the fact that he had a raging boner. Did you really need that explained to you? Probably not, as the hunched-over look is pretty self-explanatory.


Beyond the lip-locking, Janney’s speech is a fabulous one as well, as she follows her general thanks by giving a shout out to how many women over 30 are a part of Mom. Far from her first recognition for her work on the CBS comedy, Janney also took home the Critics’ Choice TV Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series last year, as well as the one for Guest Performer in a Drama Series for her work on Masters of Sex. She actually took home two Primetime Emmys last year for the exact same roles. Is tonight’s win a sign that we’ll be seeing her take home the Emmy later this year? Could be, and let’s hope they get Corden back as the presenter for that one.

Perhaps not surprisingly, when Janney presented the award for Best Actress in a Drama Series, Empire’s Taraji P. Henson didn’t celebrate her win by roping Janney into a loving embrace. Cookie Lyon don’t play.

Nick Venable
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