Watch A Beloved Frozen Character Chill Storybrooke In New Once Upon A Time Trailer

ABC’s fairytale drama, Once Upon A Time, has made a big show of the fact that characters from Frozen will pop up during Season 4. Over the last few months, there’s been plenty of hullaballoo surrounding the Frozen casting news, but this week ABC has finally put together an official trailer for the new season of the hit series. In it, we get some startled looks from Snow, Charming and Hook, some wry comments from Regina and a look at a glistening and glimmering Storybrooke, courtesy of Frozen’s Elsa.

Although we know that Elsa is going to be played by Fringe actress Georgina Haig, Once Upon A Time made a big show about avoiding the character’s face when she first popped up (played by a different actress) in the Season 3 finale. The show is continuing the tradition of keeping the focus on the blue gown that made the character famous in Disney’s animated film, but I expect as we move closer to the Season 3 premiere, fans will be able to see some of their favorite Frozen characters pop up in other Once Upon A Time promos. Luckily, the network has released some official photos from the upcoming season that do show Elsa's face, although she doesn't seem to be the happiest of characters.

Frozen Elsa Once Upon A Time

There have been some pot shots taken at Disney and Once Upon a Time for so boldly using Frozen’s popularity to shed some new life on the TV series. Regardless, the plot actually sounds as if it will fit into the realm-hopping premise of the series, with Elsa showing up in Storybrooke through a portal after escaping a lengthy imprisonment. Other Frozen characters who will pop up in the new episodes include Kristoff, played by Scott Michael Foster, Hans, played by Tyler Jacob Moore, and Anna, played by Elizabeth Lail. The Storybrooke angle should change the Frozen storyline quite a bit, and even if the additions are a bit of a marketing ploy, it’s a ploy that has brought quite a bit of attention to the series.

We’ll have to wait and see how the new episodes play out when Season 4 hits the schedule. ABC’s Once Upon a Time officially premieres on Sunday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET. If you are interested in other fall premieres, you can check out our full guide, here.

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