First Look At Frozen's Elsa In ABC's Once Upon A Time

Disney’s Frozen have made a bajillion dollars at the box office and also crushed when it came out on Blu-ray and Digital, and it makes sense that the now-famed animated endeavor would continue to be popular this fall. So popular, in fact, that the Disney-owned channel, ABC, has nabbed the rights to use some of the movie’s characters in its hit series Once Upon a Time. This week, the network shared its first picture of former Fringe actress Georgina Haig, who will be playing Elsa during Season 4. Plus, the network is finally looking to cast the evil but handsome suitor Hans.

Time got the first look at Haig as Elsa, above, and both the costume and the character's frigid but commanding demeanor seems to be spot-on. Fans who saw last season’s big finale episode, which took a peek at Elsa’s dress, probably already knew the show was going to be faithful to the costuming in the movie; still it’s nice to see the official look. The person Elsa is talking to in the photo is another Frozen-turned-Once character, Kristoff. In this live action, TV version, he’ll be played by none other than Scott Michael Foster, who is known for roles in Greek and, recently, Halt and Catch Fire.

Frozen really has four human characters of note, and the show has also signed on Elizabeth Lail to play the plucky and naïve Anna. Now TV Line is reporting the show will cast Hans, as well. He’s in his twenties, he’s handsome and he has a thing for Anna in the original film. Unfortunately, that “thing” he has for Anna is a burning desire to take get her out of the picture and conquer her kingdom. Who knows, Once Upon A Time has a way of twisting characters and making them different from their original story counterparts. Maybe Hans will also make a miraculous change. Don't count on it, though. He’s described in the casting release as a “well-bred prince with a serious chip on his shoulder.” So, it looks like that mean streak will be intact.

Haig is signed on for a whopping nine-episode arc this fall, so it looks like Frozen will really play a key role in the upcoming episodes, and may be responsible for bringing new eyeballs to the show. Elizabeth Mitchell has been signed on to play a character with ties to Elsa and Anna on the show, and the premiere title for Season 4 is called “A Tale of Two Sisters.” I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure that’s Frozen-related. With all this Frozen news, Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin might really have to do some work this season to stay in the spotlight.

You can catch new episodes of ABC’s Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET, starting this fall.

Jessica Rawden
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