Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Count In Adorable Sesame Street Video

When there’s a mystery afoot, who better to solve it than the real-life counterpart of Sherlock Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, eh? That’s exactly what happened when Sesame Street put the Sherlock star on the case of Murray (oh, sorry, Murray-arty)’s apples and oranges. And with a little help from Count Von Count, The Sign of Four (not three) has turned into the most adorable video of the day.

Attempting to keep his straightest of faces, Cumberbatch is enlisted by Murray to help teach kids how to count and tell the difference between three oranges and four apples. And even though he insisted that he and the wickedly smart detective are not one in the same, the actor still managed to deduce which crop of fruit — the 3 oranges versus the four apples —there were more of, impressing Murray-arty and no doubt all the kids at home.

Cumberbatch recently finished a third season of his ever-popular mystery series, with the finale recently having aired on Sesame Street’s home network here in the United States: PBS. And after all those shocking twists and turns, its probably nice for BC here to have a slightly easier challenge to tackle than that of Charles Augustus Magnussen and all those pesky secrets of his.

Though perhaps nothing was more thrilling — spoiler alert, folks — than the return of Murray-arty’s on-screen counterpart, Moriarty (as played by Andrew Scott), who at the end of the episode revealed himself to maybe not be dead after all. Of course whether or not that is fact or merely fiction remains to be seen until the fourth season of the series, which may take anywhere from less-than-a-year to more than two to complete. Man, that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss know how to make us all wait.

There are several other mysteries awaiting an answer in the upcoming season of the show, including the question of Mary Watson’s true identity as an international assassin in addition to the mother-to-be of John Watson (Martin Freeman). And oh, what a delight it will be to see Sherlock Holmes forced to interact with a baby.