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Watch Bruce Campbell's Awesome Campaign To Get Ash Vs Evil Dead An Emmy Nomination

Last year, the Emmys went by without rewarding Ash vs Evil Dead a single win, or even a nomination. Sure, that might be because Starz hadn’t premiered Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 yet, but that’s only half of an excuse. 2016 is the year when this wrong must be righted, and battle-ready Bruce Campbell has created a set of For Your Consideration videos that get right to the heart chainsaw-hand of why it has to happen.

Bruce Campbell wants you to know that he deserves to be put up against Jeffrey Tambor and Anthony Anderson (presumably) for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy, and he doesn’t have to shout over his chainsaw for you to hear it. Because he hasn’t had to turn his chainsaw on. Yet. Are you hearing what’s being said without being said here, Emmy voters, or does he need to break out the eyebrow again?


Truth be told, there’s a lot of merit to Starz and Bruce Campbell’s push to get the iconic actor into the ever-evolving group of actors earning nominations each year. Season 1 was the first time we got to see Ash and his boomstick on the small screen (outside of VHS and DVD viewings) and the first time we’ve seen him in a new context in 23 years. And the expanded story from creator Sam Raimi and his creative squad was a blast and a half both in the comedy and in the horror departments, so it’s not out of the question that Campbell could land his first Emmy nomination. And if they wanted to throw him an Outstanding Guest Star or Outstanding Presidential Impersonation for his Ronald Reagan appearance on Fargo Season 2, who’s going to hold a grudge?

If you don’t think Bruce Campbell or Ash would appreciate the recognition for the nod, just let him convince you in the following video, thanks to Deadline.

Now I want to see a whole host of new appendages making their way to Ash’s wrist-hole when Season 2 comes around. Not too much is known about where the story will take our grisly hero and his cohorts Pablo and Kelly, but we know that the show will go back in time (through flashbacks, not time travel) to Ash’s childhood, and we’ll also get to meet his dad, as played by Lee Majors. An Emmy presence – which doesn’t have to be just tied to Campbell as actor, obviously – would help boost the show’s popularity and would help Starz remain convinced that Ash vs Evil Dead should stay on the schedule.

So as a blanketed plea to Emmy voters: don’t be deadite-brained lunks who make the safest plays for this category. Dare to go back to a place you haven’t been in a long time, even if you don’t like creepy cabins with creepier basements. Make Bruce Campbell the Outstanding Lead Comedy Actor winner of 2016. Yes, I’m extending it past just the nomination process and going right to what’s in the envelope. Season 2 will premiere later this year, after we find out whether it’s a winner or not.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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