Watch Cara Delevingne In The Most Awkward Morning Show Interview Ever

Cara Delevingne has gone from modeling work to starring in the new novel-based film Paper Towns. As part of the gig, the actress has to take a lot of interviews. Unfortunately, she may have been committed to one too many for comfort. This morning, Delevingne popped up on Good Day Sacramento to talk about her new movie, but she ended up coming off as discomfited and awkward. You can catch the full, extremely awkward segment, below.

The local interview starts out on a pretty defensive note, with the host asking Cara if she had read the book. The actress responds by noting she hadn’t even bothered to “read the script,” although it becomes clear pretty quickly that she’s being sarcastic. The interview continues in that vein for a while, with several morning hosts smiling through Cara Delevingne’s unnappreciative answers. It’s awkward, it’s painful and it’s pretty funny, leading to plenty of moments when Cara tosses out shrugs or eyerolls.


It’s so bad, that the third announcer even comments about her seeming lack of energy and indifferent attitude toward the movie she starred in. She tells the announcers that she is excited, and chalks it up to the morning. Someone needs to tell this girl how to fake it.

I’m not any less excited than I was a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I had a bit more energy. It’s the morning.

I wonder if she even realizes exactly how visibly irritated she is coming on camera. Maybe she doesn’t totally realize they have cut to her picture as well, or maybe she’s just fed up with all of the interview questions. Most people don't willingly make these faces if they know they are being filmed, but then again, most people don't have to do press engagements for months during the lead-up to a movie release.

cara 2

Delevingne is likely going to need to get used to the interview circuit. Not only was the actress a lead in Paper Towns, she's set to appear in DC's upcoming Suicide Squad film. The interest in that will be way higher than Paper Towns, and the number of press engagements will likely be way more extensive.

Either way, a nap may be in order in the short term.

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