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Chris Pratt’s currently doing the rounds, and this week he popped up on Ellen to play a fun game with Noah Ritter, a funny kid who has become known for his “apparently” catch phrase on the early morning show. Catch the two gentlemen playing the trivia game “Dino Wrong or Dino Right?” below.

Chris Pratt’s spent quite a bit of time thinking about dinosaurs while filming Jurassic World, but apparently, he may not have retained as much information as you might guess. Or perhaps he’s just really slow to get to the buzzer. Time and time again, Noah “fast hands” Ritter manages to beat the a-list actor to the punch, answering questions about dinosaur eras, the difference between carnivores and herbivores and which dinosaurs are bigger.

At one point, the score is four answers to one and young Noah screams “in your face,” which is just classic trash talk. But Ritter also has a full repertoire of booyah- type moves, including dances, running in place and classic verbal comebacks. Just look at how gleeful this kid is whilst kicking Chris Pratt’s rear in trivia.


Alright, so maybe Pratt is giving the kid a little leeway to win, but seriously, Noah knows a lot about dinosaurs. The last question, for instance, is a true or false toughie about the status or pterodactyls, which are apparently not even dinosaurs but are flying reptiles. The more you know, right?

Pratt may not be the best at dinosaur trivia, but he does have a few things going for him. After all, he’s the star of the upcoming dinosaur-based flick Jurassic World and while filming the upcoming blockbuster movie, he did get to spend time chilling with velociraptors on the set.


Jurassic World is expected to premiere on June 12. Here’s what we know about the upcoming flick. In the meantime, you can catch more shenanigans from Ellen DeGeneres and her guests on weekday mornings. Check your local listings.

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