Got time for twenty-one seconds of awesome? Take a look at what the Community opening credits might look like in Parks and Recreation-land. This video mash-up is pretty great!

BuzzFeed posted the video below, made by some clever video editor who managed to put together a new version of the Community opening credits, shown in the style of Parks and Rec’s opening credits, and using the fellow NBC comedy’s song as well.?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this kind of thing before. Search around Youtube and you’ll find more videos like this. It may take even more creative editing (and possibly someone handy with animation) to do the reverse, but I’d love to see the Parks & Rec credits done in the style of Community. Is there a P&R equivalent to an origami fortune teller?

As great as the Community video is, my favorite of these mash-ups is still the Battlestar Galactica/The Office videos, which never cease to bring out my inner-geek for both shows.

Come to think of it, a Community opening credits video set in the dramatic style of BSG's opening would be amazing.

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