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With the CW's upfront presentation coming up, we were hoping we might get a glimpse of their Arrow spinoff The Flash during tonight's Season 2 finale (no Arrow spoilers ahead!), and sure enough, CW released the above teaser, which gives us a look at Barry Allen as The Flash on the move. "Showoff," Oliver Queen says, as Flash zooms in front of the target, catching Oliver's arrow and celebrating the move with a cheer.

Here's a closer look at that entry...


And Flash's amazing arrow-catch:


Barry Allen certainly seems to be embracing his new skills.

Who else is really excited for The Flash right now?

On a side note, I like that the teaser begins with Oliver Queen, as it not only demonstrates Arrow's introduction to The Flash, but also reminds us that these two shows are connected, and that Central City's really not so far away.


As great as this teaser is, not to be greedy, but I'm still hoping to see a full-on trailer for the Flash series tomorrow after CW does their upfront presentation, and maybe a clip and/or some new photos. For Arrow and DC comic fans, The Flash is likely to be one of the most hotly anticipated new series, joining Arrow and a handful of other new DC comic adaptations (Constantine, Gotham and iZombie) headed for the small screen.

Grant Gustin first appeared on Arrow earlier in the second season, introducing us to the brainy scientist, Barry Allen. When last we saw Barry, he was being zapped during a lightning storm, rendering him comatose. Since CW has officially sent the Flash spinoff to series, we'll hopefully get to see Barry wake up and embrace his destiny within a matter of months (assuming The Flash is slated for the falll. We'll find out soon). Read a more in depth breakdown of everything we know so far about The Flash here.

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