Watch Will Forte Share The Grossest Saturday Night Live Prank Ever

Pranks are a tried and true Hollywood tradition. Some of today’s biggest stars are known as much for their propensity for pranks as their performances on screen. Will Forte apparently likes the occasional prank. However, we can’t help but think he’s not always clear on what a prank is. Watch him physically show the audience of Late Night with Seth Meyers what he used to do to Andy Samberg when they were both on Saturday Night Live together. Warning to the easily disgusted: it ends with Forte's hands covered in urine.

Is it possible to pull a prank on yourself? We get the feeling that’s what’s really going on here. Forte would apparently sneak up behind Samberg (and two other unnamed people), and he would...interfere...with their using of the urinal. The downside of the experience was that Forte would then have to wash his own hands at the end. While you certainly would catch your victim by surprise, and probably make a mess in the process, we’re still not sure this qualifies as a prank. Generally, pranks involve some sort of trick on another party while you yourself remain unsoiled. We suppose that you would succeed in making it look like your victim wet themselves. But, is that really worth the cost? Rule of thumb: if, at the end of the prank, you have urine on yourself, you did it wrong.

And the worst part is that if this happened back in the SNL days, it means Forte didn’t even have his absolutely terrifying Last Man on Earth beard. At least with that, you add the potential of giving your target a minor heart attack. Now, that’s funny. Having said that, we fully expect to see something like this on the next terrible prank TV show, or a Bad Grandpa sequel. It sounds like something right up those alleys.

For an education on proper non-urine-handed pranking, please review the work of Ellen Degeneres or George Clooney, as these are two of the biggest celebrity pranksters. Clooney is so well known as a prankster that it causes his co-stars to prank him in return, and of course to try to outdo him. What do you do to the guy who just got urine all over his own hand in order to “prank” you? Wait, don’t answer that. We really don’t want to know.

Samberg was not available for comment on the show, so we don’t know exactly what his reaction to Forte was. We’re assuming abject terror along with frustration at needing to change his pants. What do you think of Forte’s prank? IS this is the funniest thing you’ve seen all week, know...not?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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