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Watch Fozzie Bear Hilariously Learn That The Muppets Was Cancelled

A lot of people weren't too happy with The Muppets, the new TV series that premiered in the fall starring everyone's favorite gang of puppets. The show suffered from poor ratings, and as such was cancelled by ABC. However, it seems that not everyone got the memo, as is shown in this video where Fozzie Bear finds out about the cancellation in front of a room full of people who already knew. 


This surprisingly awkward video comes from Vulture at the Vulture Festival. New York Magazine editor Chris Bonanos and Kermit the Frog had to break the news to Fozzie, who had no idea that their TV show on ABC was cancelled earlier this month. This news couldn’t have come at a worse time for Fozzie, who had purchased a flock of rubber chickens and will now, presumably, have to sell his home to settle his crippling debt. What ensued was a series of cringe-worthy moments as Fozzie started crying on stage while Kermit made really bad jokes. The rubber eggs comment didn’t really do him any favors with the crowd. You’d think Kermit of all people would have a little bit more sympathy.


The Muppets only had one season before it was cancelled by ABC. The show followed the Muppets in a workplace environment with a mockumentary format reminiscent of The Office and Modern Family. The show featured a more adult take on the Muppets (Kermit makes a weed joke in the pilot), but it didn’t seem to land with audiences. This was a bit of a departure for the Muppets, with there being more focus on relationship drama instead of the silly and optimistic antics the puppet gang is known for. ABC tried to course correct this by replacing the showrunner halfway through the season, and while The Muppets got a little more cheery, it apparently wasn’t enough to ensure a second season.


The Muppets wasn’t the only show to feel the swift axe from ABC this month; the network has been cleaning house. Castle got a surprise cancellation after it announced longtime main characters would not be returning to the show. Other cancelled shows included Nashville, Agent Carter, Galavant, and The Family.


Are you sad to see The Muppets go? What were your problems with the first season, if any? I wasn’t thrilled with the first half of the season, but I was interested in a Season 2 (more Deadly please). I imagine it won’t be the last we see of the Muppets, but it’ll probably be a while before they get another TV Show. 

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