Watch: Gossip Girl's Identity Revealed On Series Finale

Over six seasons of affairs, backstabbing, romance and fantastic clothes, the voice of Gossip Girl has been, well, Gossip Girl-- the always in-the-know blogger who narrated the foibles of every episode. Kristen Bell provided the voiceover, but the actual identity of Gossip Girl had remained a mystery since the show's premiere in 2007-- until last night's finale.

Want to know who Gossip Girl was that whole time? Really? OK, make sure you do, because you can see it for yourself in this video below, via Vulture:

You can tell by all the shocked reactions in the clip that even the characters on the show were shocked, and some viewers were too, assuming that the blogger would wind up being some side character nobody cared about. But it was Dan, a major character in the show since the very beginning, and often a very sympathetic one. And he's not even a girl! How very daring!

Mayor Bloomberg's cameo in the beginning of that clip was my favorite part, since I've never been a frequent Gossip Girl watcher. But that's the funny thing about some TV shows. Even though I hadn't watched Gossip Girl since the first season, I was very curious about Gossip Girl's identity, and knew enough about Dan's character to make this satisfying. Any hardcore watchers out there want to let me know what other delightful details I missed in the series finale? Chime in with a comment below.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend