Watch Jack Black And Jimmy Fallon Recreate 'More Than Words' Music Video

Jimmy Fallon’s had some great musical moments on The Tonight Show, but last night’s episode of the hit late night program may have taken the cake. Jack Black popped up in a short on Fallon’s show, recreating the hilarious 1990 music video for Extreme’s “More Than Words”. You don’t need to be familiar with the original to get the humor. Check out the hysterical video, below.

From earnest stares into the camera to terrible nineties printed tops and the earring and black nail polish Fallon chooses to sport, this video is a perfectly hysterical tribute to an era when music videos were still all the rage (even if they were a little silly). Not to mention, it's a spot-on representation of the actual “More Than Words” video.


I have no idea what prompted Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon to come together for this bout of gloriousness, but it’s a much funnier idea than the classroom instruments segment that Fallon has been doing with musically capable guests for some time.

I’m all in favor of Jack Black doing anything that involves music and comedy, so I’m just as into this performance as I was into his Oscars appearance this year. If you are more into watching the comedian in regular old comedy projects, you are in luck. Black is set to star in HBO’s upcoming comedy The Brink, opposite Tim Robbins, which will hit the schedule this summer.

Just in case the lit lighters, long hair and general overall ridiculousness of the nineties ballad weren’t enough to crack a smile on your face, here’s the original video, which Fallon and co. capably mimicked, down to the dude randomly listening to the band while flipping through a magazine.

During Black’s big appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he also chatted about being a parent and that time his kid accidentally spent $3,000 on phone apps. I guess no one told him freemium isn’t free. You can catch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET, only on NBC.

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