Watch A Jeopardy Contestant Accidentally Insult Liberals With Her Final Answer

Jeopardy! has been known to stump many a contestant during its lengthy run, and that’s exactly what happened when contestant Becky Sullivan flubbed an answer this week. Not only was her answer incorrect, it also managed to accidentally insult liberals in the United States. You can check out the amusing clip, below.

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If you aren’t a botanist, the clue for the recent final Jeopardy wasn’t super easy (or one of the show’s 10 top categories). In fact, it had as much to do with politics as it had to do with flowers. Check it out:


The two contestants were then shown an image of the flower, but that doesn’t really help if you aren’t all that familiar with green things. Contestant Becky Sullivan wasn’t sure of the answer, but she took a stab at it, writing the flower “pansy” down as a possible disparaging response. The correct answer, which the other contestant still in the game answered correctly was, “What is a bleeding heart?”

In the time since, the game show video has gone viral, with some people outraged over Sullivan’s answer, due to the connotation of the word, and others utterly amused. It seems unlikely that Sullivan knew her response would create such intense reactions from individuals on the Internet, but the NPR producer and Jeopardy! contestant later took to social media to clarify where her answer came from.

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While she ended up losing all of her money in final Jeopardy, she certainly ended on a memorable noted. Plus she also got second place, entitling her to the $2,000 prize. And the best part? She even took a joke well when some dude called her a Jeopardy! 9.

You can also catch more Jeopardy flubs, here and here. Or catch that clip of host Alex Trebek saying “Turd Ferguson,” because that never gets old.

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