Watch Johnny Depp Prank Amber Heard By Having Her Car Stolen

Amber Heard has had a lot of trouble with her 1968 Mustang in the past, so when she found out it had been stolen for a third time she was neither surprised nor happy. Little did she know, however, the latest thievery of her car wasn’t really thievery. Instead, it was a prank for the TV series Overhaulin’. You can check out a clip of the aftermath, below.

It’s easy to feel a little sorry for Heard, who gets pretty peeved when the cops show up to look into the theft and only seem to care about taking selfies with the Magic Mike XXL actress. In the video, which comes from ET, you can hear her pleading with the “cops” to take care of the case, but they seem a little preoccupied with being so close to a famous person. Heard is noticeably not pleased.


Luckily, before Heard blows a gasket, the team behind the prank decides to let her in on the joke. Host Chris Jacobs and the rest of the gang eventually tell her she’s actually being filmed for a segment on an automotive TV series.

Johnny Depp isn’t the type of person who has a reputation as a prankster, so pranking his wife live on TV might seem like outside-the-box behavior for the actor. However, if you are familiar with the premise of Velocity and Discovery’s Overhaulin’, the idea is for a good cause. The show pulls tactics like these often to get cars out from the unsuspecting hands of their owners. They are then given custom paint jobs and more to give the cars a unique and lovely look. Heard later says she bought the car as a “driveable piece of junk,” but after the overhaul, it will supposedly be a cherry red stunner.

It’s not like this is the first time a celebrity has pranked another celebrity. Justin Bieber has pranked Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus has pranked Liam Hemsworth and John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel prank each other all the time. Not to mention George Clooney has pretty much pranked every celebrity he’s ever come into contact with. (Depp has a long way to go if he wants to catch up with the latter.) Regardless, it’s still a nice, fun moment that’s worth a watch.

You can catch a new episode of Overhaulin’ on Discovery and Velocity on November 4 at 9 p.m. ET.

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