Watch Kevin Hart And Josh Gad Tear Up The Dance Floor On The Ellen Show

Ellen is always up for giving her early morning guests a few challenges. This week she signed on Frozen actor Josh Gad and Ride Along actor Kevin Hart to join The Ellen Show for a very special segment—a dance off. You can check out the two comedian’s mad skills, below.

Every dance off has a set of complicated rules, but in the video, Ellen keeps her rules concise and clear. Knowing Hart and Gad can kind of be wacky , she lists several dances and a strip move that are totally off limits. I’m a little surprised the robot wasn’t included on the list.

“We will be using California rules. Sixty seconds to dance to the music of the selection of my choosing. No macarena, no chicken dance. I want it clean, keep your pants on at all times.”

Once the dance off actually begins, Hart’s dancing skills are mostly relegated to hopping around and making funky arm motions, but he does have some rhythm and looks like he’s having a pretty good time with the guest appearance (even when doing the robot). Gad, on the other hand, is totally licentious, shaking his booty and getting down on the floor before showing the ladies in the audience some pelvic thrusts. Hart, at one point, tries to remind Gad that he’s on a daytime show, but there’s no stopping him.

dance off

I guess it all worked out for Gad, because Ellen does declare the former 1600 Penn star the winner of her very first dance-off. Sorry Kevin Hart, at least there will always be this epic video of you screaming your head off on a rollercoaster with Jimmy Fallon to fall back on.

Ellen has put together a lot of mad schemes on her early morning talk show in the past. My personal favorites have been Sofia Vergara’s hidden camera prank, during which Ellen feeds her words to speak to some hapless worker on the lot. I also particularly love her recent American Ninja Warrior challenge, during which Ellen asked Mom stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris to complete a modified version of the actual course. That video is actually more uplifting than humorous and it features Janney just crushing the course. If you haven’t caught it, I suggest giving it a watch.

You can catch more shenanigans when The Ellen Show airs on weekday morning. Check your local listings for times.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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