Watch Key And Peele Take On Family Matters In This Hilarious Sketch

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have made a name for themselves on Comedy Central, taking on topical, historical and pop-culture oriented sketches that have resonated with fans. Recently, they put together a sketch harkening back to the days of Family Matters, when Steve Urkel became a cultural phenomenon. You can check out the Key and Peele sketch below, without having to worry about a laugh track. You do need to worry about foul language in the video, as a slew of f-bombs are present and we don’t suggest giving this a watch while you are still at work.

The sketch takes a look at a disgruntled Reginald VelJohnson, who pops up in the office of a Family Matters studio executive to complain about the Urkel takeover on the hit series, which was initially written as and expected to be a family-based sitcom starring the Winslows. The sketch then becomes a take on Urkel’s ridiculous inventions, which later tormented Carl Winslow onscreen, and according to this sketch, VelJohnson offscreen.

There are mentions of teleporting, transformation machines, and an episode where Carl is turned into a “giant sandwich” and Urkel accidentally eats him. All of these ridiculous sitcom premises are juxtaposed with VelJohnson’s giant rant about how the “Urkel takeover” is ruining what is supposed to be a family series. This eventually leads into a screaming fight where the executive calls VelJohnson a “pawn in that nerd’s game.”

However, my personal favorite moment is when VelJohnson mocks Family Matters by comparing the famous nineties series to Quantum Leap.

“This was supposed to be a blue collar Cosby Show. Now you turn it into goddamn Quantum Leap, who writes this shit?”

Key and Peele recently premiered its fourth season on Comedy Central, and has shown no signs of slowing down in terms of quality. Earlier this month, Modern Family’s Ty Burrell popped up for a ridiculous “Awesome Hitler Story” sketch during which Key fakes his death as an American soldier while a German Peele tries to interrupt his superior to tell him Key is faking it. As you can see, Key and Peele covers a wide breadth of topics.

Vulture got the scoop on the Urkel video, noting it is a sketch that is set to pop up on next week’s episode, which will hit the schedule on Wednesday, October 15 at 10:30 p.m. ET. Additionally, if you have the right cable provider, you can watch next week’s episode online right now.

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