Watch Leslie Mann Accidentally Unzip Dakota Johnson's Dress At The People's Choice Awards

Last night, the People’s Choice Awards entertained a lot of people with its picks, but there were a few moments that stood out from the rest, including the time that Leslie Mann presented the the Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress Award to Dakota Johnson and totally broke the zipper on her dress, leaving her to hold the unzipped zipper closed. You can catch the amusing wardrobe malfunction, below.

It’s a little difficult to tell exactly what happened, here. Clearly that dress was already primed for a disaster, as Leslie Mann simply walked up to Dakota Johnson and gave her a weak to medium hug before we saw her whisper an apology. She then even held the actress’ dress. After that, Dakota took over, holding the back of her dress as she prepared to give her thank you speech. Instead, she gave us the best response ever:

Leslie just broke my dress! Ok so, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs.

Double negative aside, at least the 50 Shades of Grey star had a sense of humor. The rest of her speech talked about how grateful she has been for fan support and how the role in the 50 Shades franchise has really changed her life. If you’ve been keeping tabs, Dakota Johnson had popped up in a few things before landing the 50 Shades of Grey gig, including having a small part in 21 Jump Street and The 5-Year Engagment. She also starred in the short-lived—but very cute—TV series Ben and Kate. Clearly, however, 50 Shades of Grey has put her on the map, and even a dress malfunction can’t stop that.

Still, the moment should should provide a constant source of amusement the day after. I just love how she's awkwardly leaning over the mike as she talks at the People's Choice Awards. At least she's not prone to tripping and falling like one major a-lister.

Dakota Johnson

Fashion is always a big deal at these sorts of events. Obviously, the dresses celebrities wear are high-end but usually a little more casual than what we see at the Oscars, but it’s not like Johnson’s Armani Privé was an off-the-rack dress with plenty of snags. I guess it just proves that no matter how luxe the fabric and how carefully made the garment, women’s clothing is more made to be fashionable than functional or durable. At least she looked pretty darn good while holding it shut.

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