Watch Meghan Trainor Sing Hilarious Thanksgiving Carols On Jimmy Kimmel

If you’ve been listening to the radio over the last several weeks, you’ll probably have heard a Christmas song or twelve by now. However, the team over at Jimmy Kimmel Live! feels that Thanksgiving gets gypped in terms of songs and so they hired a famous singer to remedy the problem and “put out” her first Turkey Day-oriented album. Check out Meghan Trainor “capturing the true spirit” of Thanksgiving with fake songs, below.

The sketch is set up like an album infomercial, during which pop singer Meghan Trainor stands in front of a table covered in food. The "All About That Bass" singer is promoting the fake album Thanksgiving Carols, an album which is filled with hits, like the soon-to-be classic song about the uncomfortable uncle who hates Obama and another song about getting stuck in the airport on holidays. Here’s another of the sketch’s classic tracks explaining how many of us feel about the holiday.


It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without mentioning the less-than-charming personality quirks of your other family members. Trainor knows this, and sings a lovely ode about Grandma.


It’s really tough to find comedic moments in holidays that are meant to be generally pleasant breaks from work and chances to spend quality time with the family. However, if there’s an uncomfortable angle, Jimmy Kimmel is certainly the late night host who is going to find it. I mean, this is a man who convinces parents to lie to their children about eating all of the Halloween candy, every year and then highlights the videos on air. The slightly mean-spirited comedy is discomfiting for some, but this is fairly tame compared to some of the trickery we’ve seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before.

That trickery includes feeding children chewed up food, tricking Coachella attendees into raving about fake bands, lying to children about Christmas gifts, challenging people to unfriend people on Facebook and forcing celebrities to read mean Tweets. You could spend all day watching this stuff.

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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