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Anyone who has ever watched The Price Is Right should know that some of the prices for items are tougher to guess than others. This week the show introduced one brand spanking new iPhone 6, and while many of us would reasonably be able to guesstimate the cost of the phone, a couple of the contestants had some problems. Some really wacky problems. Check out the horrible answers, below.

Host Drew Carey kicked off an episode this week with an iPhone 6, a slender 16 gigabyte phone with a retina display that also came with a calling and data plan. It’s a nice-looking cell phone that usually only runs purchasers a few hundred dollars at the store—provided they also purchase a contract with a phone company at the same time. But the first two guessers apparently had no idea what an iPhone 6 costs. The first contestant guessed that sucker at $7500 and the guy following did her one worse.


Seriously, I know that the calling plan adds a little value to the iPhone 6, but the first two foolish guessers obviously had no idea how to even ballpark the price of the phone, making them among the most incompetent contestants on The Price is Right. Carey, realizing the guessers in the thousands of dollars range are way off of the mark, made a quick crack about Apple’s marketing team, before announcing that the fourth contestant was actually closest. The winner of the round actually guessed a more reasonable $930 for the phone plan and ended up being the closest to the actual retail price without going over. The guy who guessed second, stating $7501, looked notably embarrassed while the woman who guessed $7500 at least took her miserable answer in stride.

It’s hard to say why someone might think a phone plus a one-year package costs so much, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen one bad guess lead to a second bad guess on The Price Is Right. It’s also most certainly not the first time we’ve seen a ridiculously high guess on the popular game show. Just a few months ago, a contestant named Corey also guessed $7000 on a hammock that ended up only costing $880.


Bad guesses, quirky answers and other hiccups have been a part of game shows for quite a long time. We’ve seen people fail on the likes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire , Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud, and no doubt we'll see more people fail in the future. But moments like these are still pretty priceless.

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