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New Zealand 3 News reporter Hilary Barry had a heck of a time trying to keep her act together when her news program featured a story about a Malaysian diplomat who was living in New Zealand when he took a dump on a woman’s property before assaulting her. The case went to court, and the channel’s coverage was too much for the news anchor. You can watch her totally lose it in the video, below.

It’s not often you hear the phrase “emergency defecation situation” on the news, and although she tried her best, Hilary Barry could not handle the segment at all. Eventually, after the very professional reporter explains the case, the 3 News program, The Paul Henry Breakfast Show, cut back to the newsroom, where Barry was holding her lips together while she tried not to laugh. It didn’t last long, she totally cracked up into her microphone, and eventually even cried a little because she was laughing so hard.


This, of course, gave the two other guys in the newsroom the motive to also have a good laugh over the poop situation. It gets even crazier, though, as the next story Barry is supposed to announce is about a bomb that cause an explosion on a plane. She says she needs to get serious before she begins moving forward with the bomb story, and to her credit, she really, really tries. However, she cracks up while serious footage of a plane bombing is shown on the screen. Poor girl. They should’ve gone with the emergency defecation situation dead last in the broadcast.

Honestly, you can’t see the full Malaysian official story in the clip, but if you had seen it, it’s not even the fact that the Malaysian official said it was an emergency defecation situation that led him to go to the women’s door and later to sexually assault her that is completely ludicrous. The case actually involved the official, Muhammad Rizalman, waiting on a women’s porch for 30 minutes. At some point, he decided to defecate there. Soon after, he walked into her home, naked from the waist down and attempted to rape here and burglarize her home. He also claimed it was part of a “black magic” plot to get the lady to be his.

The year 2016 has already been pretty good in terms of viral local news moments. There’s that reporter who went skiing and failed pretty hard on a high five. There’s also the over-the-top citizen who escaped a house fire and then told her wild story to the local news. Here's hoping the rest of the year will be equally as interesting.

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